Ovulation maybe? Or something else...driving myself crackers at the mo :?

Now on CD11, very light AF with some EWCM at the end of AF (sorry TMI) I don't know what this EWCM at this time means!! For about the last week, I have been having AF pains, some painfree crampy kind of pains, and a dragging sensation at times. Also, seem to really be able to 'feel' my cervix when I stand up or sit down :?:?


  • Hi honey I am not sure what this means did not want to read and run. I am also having pains in my belly though I am due to be OV this week. Did you mean you had AF after only 11 days from your last AF?


  • No sorry, on CD11 cycles have been pretty much regular at 28-ish days since I came off the pill.
  • Oh right sorry I would say they are OV pains is this first real month of trying or have you been trying for ahwile. Are they really painful??

  • On month 5 now, have felt the odd twinge, but this month have had a dull ache for most of the time and lower back also achey.
  • I think i am ov and I have also haad a dull ache in my belly on the left hand side so this could be a sign we are OVimage How is your cm?

    K xxx
  • Clear, and a lot of it....but did have some EWCM right after AF, so now I am totally confused! Not supposed to happen in that order is it?!
  • No I don;t think it is I was dry after AF and then it got like lotion. I would not worry if you have loads of it I would bd just in case. Is there any chance you are preg? Sometimes people still have af even though they are preg?

  • I POAS this weekend as AF was so light I did wonder, and got BFN?
    Stupidly I did not write down date of last AF but I remember roughly when it was as was near my wedding anniversary! That would have made it approx 23 days, give or take a few days.....maybe I should POAS again??
  • I would test again just to make sure, i mean it;s off you have lots of ewcm and that you had that right after AF as well. Do you have any otehr signs or maybe bein gpreg?

  • Nipples a little tingly, and lots of heartburn, but you do start to think if you're imagining these things don't you?! lol
  • LOL yeah i have heard a lot of people saying that no doubt on my 2ww I will be just the same. just to be on the safe side though I would do a CBD and see what happens??

  • Well LOTS of EWCM yesterday and this morning and the pain has now gone.
    BD'd yesterday and today (TMI!) so fingers crossed. I guess I'm prob on my 2ww now.
  • Oh cool image I am still waiting for mine image It;s awful you know i feel like i am wishing my life away you know. I have everything crossed for youimage You let me know how you are feeling over these 2 weeksimage

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