How long to wait for true af after the pill

As the title says really i came off the pill just over 3 weeks ago i had my breakthrough bleed a few days after.
Now the last few days i have felt really groggy low back ache,tummy cramps sickness and lots of tiredness all the symptoms i have heard you can have after coming off the pill.

Its feels like af is on her way but i just dont know when i should expect her does it differ from one woman to the nxt or should it be 28 days after taking my last pill?
All very confusing doest help when im feeling like this either image xx


  • Yeah hun it all depends on your cycles and your body every woman is different. When I first came off pill when we were ttc dd my first real af arrived 39 days later, then the next month was 36, then 34!
    This time around I got my af 33 days after coming off pill, so I just never know!!

    I got all those symptoms too and convinced myself I'd caught early so did 6 tests but then af arrived!
  • Thanks hun i guess are body really does like to play tricks on us I havent done a test yet iv got a load waiting ready but its so damn hard not to take one lol I know im not pregnant but when your body plays tricks like this it really does boggle you mind lol.
    Im just going to wait for af to arrive and go from there hopefully she wont take to long xxx
  • last time i came off the pill it took 67 days to come this time its only taken 31 days x
  • I just posted on another topic about this... I came off Microgynon in Jan and my first AF took 45 days, then 41 and have gradually settled at 30/31 days! It's all so confusing - I kept testing, thinking I'd caught and never had... bloody pillimage It messes things up so much! xx
  • Just seen all your replys thanks girls i guess its just a waiting game gosh us ladies really do have to go through alot of confusing stuff lol x
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