inlaws grrrrr!

just wanting a bit of a rant i'm afraid and can't talk to anyone coz noone knows we're ttc! hubby went to see his dad today and when he got back he said his dad had been talking about us having kids (doesn't know we're ttc) and was saying that 'obviously' we wouldn't want kids for 4 or 5 yrs till we own our own house and are sorted with our jobs (we are both very happy with our jobs - hubbys parents are not but thats another story). apparetly he said to hubby "you wouldn't consider having kids in your house would you?" (its rented and fairly small but perfectly adequate, in a good area and close to family - we plan to try to buy soon but no major rush) when hubby said we might do FIL actually laughed! and said "rather you than me" hubby laughed all this off as he was telling me and thoguht it was ridiculous but didn't mean anything, i on the other hand think it was a real cheek and he obviously suspected we'd be thinking about kids (i imagine a lot of people suspect this as i've always been crazy about kids and we're recently married) and was trying to put hubby off! why he thinks its any of his business i'm not sure!
grrr anyway sorry for the slightly incoherent rant there - just had to have a moan!


  • I know exactly how you feel! My partner and I live in a rented house, Its huge, good area and we both love it. Im inbetween job's atm but his mum doesnt understand that my partner earns more then enough on the mines and i dont have to work if i dont want to... its our lives chick!!
  • I fully understand how you feel cookiesandcream, the night before our wedding we had a lil get together in inlaws house(old german tradition) and MIL took me aside and said: I don't want to be a granny until I am 65(she is 59). I think my jaw dropped and she was like: well don't you want to say yes? Luckily my mum must have noticed me looking affronted and came over to talk....but what the hell? we started TTC straight after wedding anyway.

    ...well, what I really wanted to say: it's your life and you seem in a comfortable position to have children...and I am sure you inlaws would be happy once you are pg.

  • Lucky for you miss88 ;P unfortunately for me my wife is the main breadwinner in our house and is very career minded, don't know what we will do if she ever fell pregnant!! I know a baby would change everything for her and she would turn into a fantastic housewife!!
  • haha i told hubby he should go back to his dad and tell him that he has changed his mind and as a result we've split up - he didn't think of how his interfering could effect our relationship did he??
  • shuck thats terrible! i was annoyed that FIL seemed to have been waiting for a time when i wasn't there to say all this to hubby, but actually at least i wasn't put on the spot like that!
    i have just read back over my originalmessage and it really wwas a complete ramble! thats what happens hen you post at 1am! lol

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  • That's so cheeky!

    With my mil I kind of had the other problem. She has been forever dropping heavy handed hints that she wanted us to have kids. Up until this year I wasn't fussed and it really did my head in that she thought I would drop my knickers just because she had a hankering for grandchildren!!
  • I don't know what gives people the right to comment! Do his parents treat him like a child generally?

    We tend to keep all our news to ourselves to avoid comments being made. When my MIL came with me to for a fitting for my wedding dress she shouted in the middle of the street out of the blue "Are your lot fertile? ours are!" I guess that was her idea of asking me if we were going to try for a baby!
    x x x
  • "Are your lot fertile"?????????????????? Sorry Mafia that has made me laugh. I'm sure you didn't laugh at the time though!!
  • omg mafia princess thats terrible! how embarrassing! yeah they do treat him like a child a bit - he's an only child we're both quite young (24) and i think his dad is a bit worried i'm going to hold him back in life by making him settle down too young! x
  • Well my mum and sis know that we are ttc - at first my mum wasn't very happy but i think it was jsut the shock cos she is completyely behind me 100% now but we havent told me dad cos he won't be haopy at all. He thinks we aren't earning enough money - my brother is exactly the same and my aunty thinks i should wait ntil i am in my 30s like she did (I am 24). And that is fine for some people but I am ready now - we have bought a house with room for a baby, we are earning plenty enough - and if we waited until we couild properly afford children we would never have any!
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