I just picked a stroller...ooops

I was not going to choose anything before I am at least 12weeks pg(and up to now nothing) but then I saw this and it took quite some strength not to order it.

http://www.cosatto.com/product-profile.php?id=007451&product=Swift Lite Supa 2010 Stroller

If I ever get my BFP and get to my 12week scan then I gonna run out of hospital straight to get this.


sorry for random postimage


  • Ooh thats the one i've chosen! We're not even officially TTC yet lol! It's lovely, good choice! image
  • and the price is amazing for one that is from birth: only ??130
  • Ah thats so sweet Shuck image
    Love it! Hope you are ok hun x
  • aww hun its lovely. i keep going up in the attic and looking longingly over all my stuff, i soo want to wash it all and get it ready.lol.xxx
  • WOW that is amazing! Only ??130 you say? I have fallen in love with it right alongside you!!
    Good choice!
  • whats the differnece between a stroller and a pram and travel system? I never understood all that.
    Would you jsut need the stroller?
  • Where did you see it for ??130? They have an older model on kiddicare for ??122 but the seat is brown and it doesn't have the head hugger.
  • OMG! Those are GORGEOUS!!!! Eeeeeek!! I have bookmarked it for that all important BFP!!!! x
  • Velvet quilt I bookmarked it too! It's lush Shuck, hope we all get to purchase it soon! x
  • Hahaha! I'm trying so hard not to look at baby things before there's anything to buy for...but I'm already planning the nursery so what the heck!
  • Mothercare has similar one for ??130. Don't know about other retailers. But to be honest anything under ??200 is really not bad at all.
    And they have twin ones too, there are lots if ID twins in DHs family and my fav twin one says: Like two peas in a pod image

    Snugglenush: For a travel system you normally have a basis thing and you can put on a carry cot and a car seat as well. And they tend to also transform into strollers afterwards.
    Strollers that work from birth mostly have reclining back so baby can lie flat. I am going to go for one because we do not have car so don't need car seat and they fold smaller as well so handy for living in a flat.
  • speaking from experience with my first travel systems are fantastic as a sturdy pram for shopping and going for walks. i had one for my dd with the integrated car seat and it was brilliant if we went to friends houses as i didnt need to wake her up to collapse the pram, i just took the carrycot out and left her in that.

    I am in love with that stroller and have also bookmarked it for when we start ttc and i get my bfp, i used a MAMU for my dd from when she was about 4 months and she liked to look out on the world a bit more, rather than at me all the time.

    i live in a flat as well (14th floor of one :O) and some travel systems will fold really really flat, as well so sit flush up against a wall image

    hth. x
  • Those strollers are gorgeous.
    Thank you for the link Shuck xxx
    Have you found anything else equally as gorgeous? (lol not that we're encouraging you! x)
  • OMG I want twins!


  • HAHA sooo cute!! Have you seen the one that says little sis little bro. I cant wait for my BFP!!!!!
  • omg they are so cute, If i get a girl i want the cute as a button one, i'm terrible with babystuff, although i haven't bought anything yet (incase i jinx myself) i have planned my whole nursery, even do to the sleigh bed cot image
  • omg do i dare order a catalogue?
  • how cute is that?!!!

    You must show restraint!!!
  • how cute is that?!!!

    You must show restraint!!!
  • wow shuck that is gorgeous! I've never seen a pushchair that has writting on like that but it's so cute! x
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