Anyone else on CD29?

Evening all,

Im on CD29 and wondered if anyone else is, I did a HPT on Monday and got BFN, was gonna test again on Friday if AF still hasnt shown up but not sure whether to just leave it with me only getting a BFN on Monday. Hows everyone else getting on xx


  • Hi Hun,

    I'm on cd30 but my cycles range between 21 and 38 days. This cycle has been really wierd with lots of spotting since cd 20, so I think I'm out already! I still might chance a test next week though just to make sure!!!!

    Good luck, hope you get your BFP!!!!


  • Hi lilmaggie, this is my first cycle since implant was removed so dont know how long it will be! Hope you get your BFP too hun xxxx
  • Hi Kate, I'm on CD26 which is another weird one for me - I'm always CD25 regularly, but last month you might remember I was 5 days late. Already 1 day late this month so think my cycles might be altering...feels like af will hit any moment but its irritating - I was so pleased with my regular cycles!! Grrrr.

    Do you know when you ov'd Kate? If it were me I'd probably test on the saturday - then at least I wouldn't have to go to work afterwards! (Not that I work at the minute but you know what I mean!) Unless you work saturdays.... :roll: xx
  • Hiya! I have bought some FR and will prob do one in the morning (if not before!) as I'm going out tommorow night so would wanna know either way! Also I'm work Saturday and Sunday always do - boooooo image xx
  • wait til the morning hon, fmu is the best stuff to use. You'll only want to test again in the morning if you do one now! AF got me today - typically not long after I posted that I was still waiting, and March is out for me with hubby being away, so onto April when it gets here!

    Fingers crossed for the morning hon, keep us updated! xx
  • Aw no - that's typical! I keep thinking she's come but she's no where to be seen.... Yet!! Xxx
  • I'm on CD 31 and 12 or 13dpo. I have a feeling the witch is hunting me down tho image x
  • I am busting for a wee and am tempted to take a FR in with me but OH as said not to till the morning, so may just have to run to the loo before I have time to think about it too much lol xx
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