Scared to test...

Hi ladies,

I'm new so not sure of all the abreviations here (think I've picked a few of them up so hope I'm using them right!!) but basically my story is...

Used ovulation tests this last month and was able to pinpoint my ovulation. Had intercourse on ovulation day. AF was due last Mon (31st) and hasn't arrived yet.

I've had lots of signs including... a week plus of headaches after ovulation, very sore breasts and white spots/nodules on my nipples, clear or slightly creamy discharge (sorry if thats tmi!), feeling tired (although just done 3 night shifts at work so could be that), urinating far more frequently than usual. I'm also rediculously emotional... (my darling partner told me I'd put too much milk on his weetabix the other day and I sobbed for 5 minutes!)

I'm so hopeful... however tested early Weds before last (26th) and got a negative. Tested on day AF due, also negative. Then tested Thurs and Fri (3rd and 4th) and got two more negatives. All tests were Tesco. The most recent two were done first thing in the morning, however it was after I'd be awake all night on night shifts so not really concerntrated urine.

Am I being silly to still think I could be pregnant after 4 negatives?? I'm scared to test again, because if it really is negative I'll be so sad. However... I can't find another explanation for some of the signs (the white spots on my nipples are particularly convincing me) and still no AF now 5 days late.

Can anyone give me some words of advice or encouragement. It's all I can think about! Thanks.


  • Hi smiley_k

    If I were you, I'd test again possibly using another brand. I've heard some mixed reviews of Tesco tests.

    Your symptoms all sound good but the only way to know for sure is to test!

  • You could be pregnant. I know how you feel but if I were you, I'd do another test with another brand. Good luck!
  • Hey, I would test again with a superdrug test if you can. It may have just been too early, as all of your tests were before AF was due. AF is late now so I would test! I know it's hard to convince yourself but you need to know one way or another Good luck :\) x
  • The first tests are always the hardest as your full of hope and optimism !

    I would say wait a day or two then try again with another brand on your most condentrate urine.

    When I conceived my daughter I lost count of the amount of negative tests I got, i ended up convinced my af was coming which was why I was getting symptoms and stopped testing. Then one day on the off chance I tested again, no idea what made me do it and I was 5 weeks pregnant !
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