looks like beany has gone!!!!

hi girls on monday i had 3 BFP's since then i have had nothing! did one this morning with FMU and nothing! think ive had a chemical pregnancy! had a tiny bit of brownish discharge this morning but nothing else! tbh i just hope my period comes now as its only my 1st month coming of the implanon and i would love to know where i stand! driving me crazy! xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • oh so sorry to hear that. hope the witch doesnt get you. how confusing 3bfp and then nothing. hope you get what you want xxx
  • hun, sorry to hear that sending big hugs.xxxxxxx
  • just done the second of the two lines and got a really faint line again :S not any darker tho
  • Which tests did you do this morning and which did you do prior to that? xx
  • i used FR first noticed a faint line, did clear blue then and had a darker line done some FR since and nothing untill today i did a FMU test which was clear blue and nothing and just went back in desperation and did another clear blue out the same box and a very faint line?
  • aw hun sorry to hear that. hopefully if it is a chemical AF will come soon. is your period late yet?
  • Oh hun, I really hope not. Maybe you have a dodgy cb pack of tests. maybe get another set - maybe superdrug or another fr. good luck hun xx
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you hun.
    MrsCCarter had a BFP followed by some BFN's and then onto BFP's and now a bump so theres hope yet.

    Best of luck Gems xxxxxxx
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