Took 10 mins and I got drugs!!! Hooray - I can start ttc!!!

So drove to the next town - saw the doc - he said that because my OH swimmers were fine - doesn't know why that fertility which took TWO hours to discuss his health - he said if his spearm sample was fine then she didn't need to assess him at all!!!!!!

The doc didn't have any of my results, seems they haven't come through in time - so was expecting him to rearrange - but he said he will get his secretary to chase them up - I told him everything I could remember from my tests - it took 10 minutes - then he gave me clomid 50g to start trying straight away!!!!! I start taking the tablets today for 5 days - then go and have bloods taken on day 20 and day 28 - to see if it worked!

I am sooooooooooooooo relieved!!!!!!!! And grinning from ear to ear - a HUGE weight has been lifted!!!

Fingers crossed I start to ov and I can bd properly and have a cycle with the rest of you!

I can not describe the joy I feel - god know what I'll be like when I get a!!!

So I'm on day 2!!!!!!!!!!



  • Woohoo!!!!!! Hun how exciting!!!! U must be made up, u can now ttc officially!!! Im bursting for u so god knows how u must be feeling, u deserve this so much hun xxxxxxx
  • Oh MummyWannaBe, i am so happy for you. Who's your doc, i'll drive and see him!!!! What a novelty to find a helpful friendly doctor. You're gonna bet your BFP in no time. Whooo hoooo. Have fun trying Sxx
  • ahh im well chuffed for you hun, this may well be your month then good luck xxx
  • oh honey thats great news! i be ur just dying to start bding! have a fab month honey!
  • Oh how exciting ive read that most people that start on clomid have usually got their bfp by month 3. Im sooo please for you. I just wish mine goes as well although i no it wont, good luck keep us posted.

    jen xx
  • Thanks girls - yes feels like I'm going to burst!!!

    I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted - it's just amazing - someone understands - someone is helping me!!!!

    I can't wait to start trying - but I'm going to give my man a break for the next few days while I finish af - then I'll play hard to get as that works better - then if no joy - I'll tie him!!!

    I can't wait to tell OH - he's out on a works do - so don't want to call him - depending how drunk he is when he gets in - depends if I tell him tonight or in the morning!

    I think I'm gonna run a nice hot bath and chill out - I'm so relieved - I don't know what to do with myself!

  • yeah you enjoy your bath and relax for the next few days nice to hear you feeling so refreshed with lots of pma playing hard to get always works for me 2 by the way ha ha xxx
  • what fantastic news, I am so pleased for you - enjoy your bath and I have everything crossed for you image xx
  • Sounds like he was great, I'm so pleased for you. xx
  • Thanks girlies - I've had a bath! And I've watched yesterdays desperate housewives!!! So I'm all chilled out now!

    Guess I just have to wait and see what happens now!

  • I am so pleased for you got my fingers and toes crossed xx
  • congratulations mummywannabe!! (i think I may have just replied to you on Verity PCOS board?)...fingers crossed for you both !xxx
  • Thanks Bon - I forgot I posted there - so just quickly went on and replied - how rude of!!!

    Thanks Lilyrose too - and thanks to all of you!

    (in Del Boy fashion) This time next year we'll be mummies!!!!

  • Hey
    You must be so relieved and I really scratch my head at the treatment you received before. It sounded like the nurse didn't like people - go figure?
    Am not surprised you are ecstatic.. I have always felt faintly ridiculous charting what appears to be an eggless cycle. Made an egg once and was utterly chuffed but despite great efforts nothing. However it is only a 20 percent chance every time isn't it. So the maths don't work to well without the wonder drug clomid.
    We have been waiting nearly five months for our appointment which is next week... .
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