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Ovulation Sticks - advice please x

I'm just wondering if someone could give me some advice, I've been poas since cd14 and today is cd20 and with everyday i poas the line seems to get fainter than the reference line. On the first day i used ov stick the line was definatly fainter than reference line but darker than it is now.
Could this mean i ovulated before cd14 and have missed LH surge?
It wouldnt matter too much as we bd from cd10 anyway but i wouldnt like to keep wasting these sticks as i feel im never going to ovulate.
But I must say this is the first month i've used ov sticks and normally go by CM and pains on either side to tell me im ov and i think this happened between cd11 and 13! x x :\?


  • i would say u probably ovulated earlier than cd14 if the line has continuely been getting fainter. try 2 listen to ur body as well if u feel ov pains and had cm then BD like mad cause ur probably r ov. start testing from cd10 next month and see how it goes.
  • Its such a shame because i bought them on ebay and didnt think about getting them any earlier. I think I may have ov early, since having felicity i just 'know' but sometimes think oh its in my head. And this month painful twinges was on right and last month was on left! We may still have a chance cos bd on cd 6, 7, 8, and 11. Fingers crossed. thanks for advice x

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  • I normally starting using my ovulation sticks around day 12 and I tend to get my positive around day 17. I also find that I dont get a result if i just poas so I tend to piac (pee into a cup) and that seems to work for me.

    Mrs Wb XXXXXX
  • I've been piac too its much easier it gets too messy poas! I have learnt my lesson but dont think i will buy them again, rather go with what my body tells me and bd at least ever other day anyway x x
  • I'm in the piac camp too! Just as I thought I was never going to get one (lots of feint lines but none darker than the control) I did. And definitely an easier target image
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