The waiting is nearly over.

My baby is due February 28th but is being delivered on Tuesday 19thJanuary at 34+2 , I have been here in the Freeman hospital because of my heart problems for 10 weeks so cant wait. My scan last week had him measured at 4lbs 10oz so with a bit of luck he might be 5lbs by now. Cant wait to for us both to be home so hope he doesnt need scbu for to long.Does anyone have any idea what level of help he may need. Wish us luck please and I will keep you infored. xx


  • Hay hun Good Luck with you baby but maby try posting in pregnancy as were all trying to get pregnant image
    Cant help with the stuff after ttc
    Hope all goes well with labor. Hoping u have a healthy baby xxxx
  • Hi hun, good luck with everything and as gembags said if you post in the pregnancy section some of the ladies there could maybe give you some advise xx
  • just wanted to say all the best for the birth and to try not to worry! My sister had 2 sets of twins and all 4 weighed in around that weight (a little less actually) but both sets went into scbu for breathing and just general growth help... It was heartbreaking at first cos they were so small, but you have to remember that your little one is in the best place and getting the best start to it's life. Both sets of twins are now big girls and boys (aged 9 & 4) ... Keep your positivity up and use the time lo is in scbu to get some rest!!! Remember were all around to help if needed! Good luck! X
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