Really weird AF!

Well I went to my GP on Mon and she confirned that I may have had chemical preg or just a faulty batch of tests that gave me false positive. I started with brown discharge on Sat much like I had with my MMC, then brown blood on Sunday which went away by the evening and overnight . On Mon shortly before I left for docs I went to toilet and when I wiped there was fresh red blood. This too tailed away after not too long and Ive had mainly dark brown blood since or what looks like EWCM mixed with red or brown blood. The whole lot would maybe fill 2 pads as its all mainly when I wipe so confused! Dont know if this is AF, what CD I am on or anything!! Any ideas!
I had one AF after mmc and it was heavy staright away and mostly red blood, periods before were the same. :\?


  • Didn't want to r&r - I had something very similar when I was late a few months ago - kept doing hpt all negative. I didn't count it as af because I was so confused. In the end I managed to get my gp to give me a blood test which was negative. I was told it wa one of those things and it can happen (not a fat lot of help when ttc) - anyway I went away and af found me. So I'm still not ssure to this day what happened. I know this probably doesn't help alot but if full af doesn't appear ask for a blood test if you still suspect pg x
  • Thanks for your reply hun, no its good to hear someone has been through a similar experience. I have some cramps today so not sure if it comes on heavy whether I should count it as cd1 or cd4!
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