stabbing pains

hi everyone
as some of you may know, i had a mmc a few weeks ago and chose to have medical management. anyway, i have finally stopped bleeding but am now experiencing strange stabbing pains. these pains feel like they start near my anus (hate that word!) and then shoot up towards my pelvis. yesterday, i had them most of the day on and off and each time i went to the toilet thinking it could be trapped wind and that i needed to poo. but when i sat on the loo, they seemed to get worse!
today has been better but i have had a few pains. they haven't been as bad as yesterday but all the same i am a little worried. it might not be connected to my mmc but i can't think what else it is.
did anyone else experience anything like this?? or have any idea what these pains are??
please help and sorry for such a strange post!

p.s. -posted in miscarriage support but no replies yet and am starting to get more pains now so thought maybe someone could help here!


  • Did'nt want to r&r. Im not sure what it could be. Maybe give nhs direct a call and see what they say? x
  • Hi, sorry, i had mmc a few years ago i did not get any pain after maybe you could call nhs direct they might help, sorry if this is no help, x
  • thanks girls. i might just do that. don't want to sound like a wuss though. do you think it could be wind?? i don't really think it is though - oh god! right, will keep you updated! thanks again x
  • I haven't had mc so can't comment on that - but could it be constipation? I get similar pains when I am!
  • How are you doing today lula-belle?? I haven't had a mmc but like immense I get that when I'm constipated too! Hope you have it sorted!
  • Hi Lula-belle. I have replied to your post on the MC board.
    Hope you are doing ok. xx
  • thanks girls! i'm definitely not constipated!! enough said about that! i think like BabyB said it could just be everything going back to normal after mc. it has calmed down today and mainly happened first thing this morning and once during the day but it has been less intense than yesterday. i'm going to monitor it and am back in hosp on thursday so will mention it to them. thanks for your support! this site is brill isn't it?!xxx
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