Has anyone who came off the pill found it hard to get preg?

I have 2 children who are 4 and 2. And me and my partner are ttc. But my problem is i was on the pill for a year and i came off it last january and since then i have had 2 periods! Just 2!!! Has anyone else had this problem? Its been 15months now and still no baby!! I spoke to my dr but he says give it another 6 months before i start to worry but its much easier said than done!


  • Hi Kaytee, I have this problem too, but hasn't been going on as long as you. I haven't had any periods since coming off the pill in January this year. Went to doctor's recently and she said to come back in a couple of months if still nothing and they can give me something to kick-start them. Fifteen months seems like an awfully long time to wait - you must be more patient than me! I'm pulling my hair out after three! Might be worth getting a second opinion or just going back and saying how long it's been and demanding to be given something! Which pill were you on? Some are stronger than others I think. xx
  • Thanks for the replies, i think i'm gonna go back and have a good old whinge to the DR, i'm going insane here! Both my boys took less than 3months to conceive! I'm driving myself mad, keep thinking i have symptoms etc and the amount of tests i've done is insane and costing a lot of money!!
  • I was on the pill for over 10 years and we've been trying 7 months with no luck. Didnt think it would take this long but i'm just trying to convince myself that it'll happen at some point. We dont have any kids yet and are so desperate for our first especially as i'm not getting any younger (i'm 28 this year, eeek !!) and my hubby wanted us to have our first born before i'm 30.
  • Pills never agreed with me but I was on Depo for 8 years and after 9months the doctor told me not to worry it takes up to a year or 2 but should nothing happen after 12months i should go back.
    A friend waited 4years before she got pregnant and she told me she actually gave up and guess what it worked.

    I was under strain and almost bagging my other half for sex but after I heard the friends story I said guess what I year aint that bad and I just started enjoying sex and guess what I was feeling ill and went to the doctors and because it was December he thought i was down with the flu bug can you believe it.
    because my periods are never regular it didnt dawn to me that I was actually late and on Chrismas eve it was positive and i was scared and shocked and told my other half of X-mas day that was his present.
    so girl just enjoy your sex and one of these days it will happen but if you really are desparate go kick your bloody Doctor to give you something to kick start
    hope it works for you
  • I have just come off the pill about 5 days now so my body still thinks its on a 7 day break. I would defo re talk to your gp a year fair enough but they need to look into this??

    It could just be like somebody said the fact you have had to is why they are not rushing to help you but thats not right.

    I would have a real good moan about it of i was you. Keep your chin up hun, here is some PMA for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi

    Im on month 14 ttc cycles vary from 24 - 30days, was on the pill for 5years. I know when and if i ever do get pregnant i will seriously consider what contraception i will use again.

    Goodluck jen xx
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