New....and slightly scared !!

Afternoon everyone!

I'm new to this site today - and new to hopeful impending motherhood!

My coil came out yesterday and I'm already obsessing LOL..

You all seem really supportive of each other on here (have been eavesdroping..sorry!). I'm hoping that I can become as supportive to you are, and that some of you veterans can put my mind at ease when I need it.

I thought that I would just sit back and let it happen whenever it wants to, but reading some of the threads has made me think it's all so technical LOL .. should I just "see what happens", or be a little more organised in my planning? I will be 37 later in the year, so I don't really have a lot of years on my side!

Anyways - I just wanted to introduce myself...

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings ..



  • Welcome to the site! I am finishing my pill tonight and TTC straight away. We have decided to just try and let things happen naturally by continuing the way we are and having fun. Obviously if things don't happen whos to say I won't become obsessed and get very techinical if things don't happen straight away xx

  • hi and welcome to the site. my name is cha and i'm TTC number 2. The girls on here are soooooo nice and really supportive so your in good hands.
    so if u have any questions don't hestitate to ask.

  • hi, welcome and good luck with ttc!
    I'm trying again after a recent miscarriage in march (1st baby) so i'm desperate to be pg again and have also become obsessed by it all!
    We fell lucky last time but this time all i can think about it ovulation dates and testing dates!!!
    Hope you get your bfp soon! x
  • Thanks ladies, hopefully I will be lucky - trying to stay calm about it all, but I'm sure that won't last long!

    I've just looked up all of the abbreviations, so at least I can communicate a little better on here - I love some of them!

    Sorry to hear about your recent loss srus, fingers crossed for you (but not legs PMSL)

  • Welcome!

    The abbreviations take a bit of getting used to don't they.

    I'm sort of a newbie too, not been here long. You soon feel like part of the furniture though - in the nicest possible way.

  • Hi shirls welcome hunni. also good luck hunni.xxxx
  • Hi shirls. Welcome, it is a great web site. I'm 37 in december too so we are close in age. Good luck hon. X
  • Awww - thank you all! It's lovely to have some support - especially when you are keeping your plans top secret...

    Hope to get to know you all in time.

    I'm 37 on Nov 28 Vicsy - so yes, we are really close - I still wonder what happened to my 20's lol

    Good luck to us all ..
  • Hi I'm new too this month but already obsessed - with ttc and also with this website!!
  • welcome.... newish here myself but i think everyone is wonderful and welcoming and so supportive xxx
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