Hi, I'm new!

Hi everyone,

just wanted to introduce myself and say hi - tried to sign up just now to find I've apparently been a member since 2008 but have no memory of it - weird!

Anyway, we've been ttc on and off since August 09...I'm 28 and dh is 26, this would be our first.

AF was due yesterday - still hasn't arrived but when I did a test on Sunday it was negative so realistically I'm probably not preggers but can't help but get a bit hopeful! Am going to hold out until Friday before doing another test, if nothing shows up before then.

good luck to us all! xx


  • Hey starra29 and welcome.....lots of baby dust to you, i hope u do get a positive!! im due on tomo so gunna test in the morning!! cant wait!!
  • Hi Starra29
    Welcome to this crazy world image xx
  • hi starra29 welcome image xx
  • Hi starra and a nice warm welcome to you :\)

    Good luck with your testing, do you have regular cycles? :\)

  • thank you for the welcomes!

    still no sign of Af - eek, the wait is killing me but determined not to waste another test!

    MPP - my cycles are normally quite regular...have been 3 days late before while ttc and got my hopes up before it arrived image which is why I'm waiting to test again

    jen - haven't had a chance to check if you've posted but hope you got a lovely BFP!
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