Lurker question ....short cycle

Hello...g/c from toddler...Know I shouldn't be trying as oh is getting made redundant in July & we've only just got back together really (after 4 years together & 3 mnths apart) but we really want another!!

Does anyone else have a short cycle and how does this affect ttc? I'm quite bad at monitoring my afs but they are definitely not a 28 day cycle, more of a 23 day cycle. It's been the same since I was pretty young and it's a bit annoying! When I've been on the pill, they go regular.



  • I have a 28 day cycle so not much help but I guess you just need to put your dates into one of the ovulation calculators on the net to give you an idea when in your specific cycle you'll ovulate so you know when to do it!!!

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  • I always had a 24 day cycle and after my lo went to 25, so know how you feel with short cycles - feels like you've only just finished af sometimes and its there again!!

    We're TTC our second, on my 25 day cycle I ov around CD12, so you would probably be CD 10-11, but an ov calculator would be best like JFP suggests. THere's one on this very site I think...really should take a look at it myself! I'm lucky; I know when I'm ov-ing. Have tried to measure my BBT but its up and down each day!! THink I'm just strange...
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