Cool calm and collected

Hey Ladies
Well i'm now 9dpo with a couple of signs. I had cramping on 6dpo and 7dpo, feeling a little sicky if i dont eat as soon as i get up, sensertive nipples, really tired, and a little bloated.. But im staying cool calm and collection because i dont want to be a mess if i get my BFN.

Something feels very different this month (im sure everyone says that). Usually round this time of my cycle im reading all my pregnant books and going mad thinking im pregnant, but this cycle i just have a feeling of............ calmness. Like everything is going to work out.

Anyone ever felt this way? also in early pregnancy have you heard of anyone getting head aches?



  • Hi miss88. I have heard lots of girls talk about that calmness. Re the headaches, they were my biggest symptom until about 15 weeks.

    Good luck chick!

    K x
  • Just the last 3 days had HUGE head aches... calmness doesnt work all to well when your hubby keeps talking bout our nursery and how our baby will look... ah well atleast i know he wants it as much as i do
  • Ur Lucky i told my OH still no witch and got a reply of "OK" No not OK....... Then he said well try not to get excited !!!!

    :lol: Gems x
  • awww he sound sliek he really cares that u dont get hurt again... im hoping its your and my month gembags!!!
  • Thanx hun i think i will loose it soon image as of the 30th it will be my 17th month ttc image

    I know he cares i had 2 mc this year and i know he is trying to keep me calm so i am not hurt again xxxxx
  • i'm 6 cycles behind u... i think men have trouble expressing themselves sometimes
  • yer even when i was havin my boy he really didnt get excited untill i was having the baby lol

    Hope you get your BFP very soon hun x
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