TMI Alert

I'm currently 9DPO & AF due a week today...

I have been getting a few symptoms which have kinda tailed off this afterrnoon so my PMA is dropping woth each minute...& I can feel myself getting more & more moody. :\(

I have had sore (.)(.) for about 4/5 days which is much earlier than my last cycle, light AF pains, feeling tired & a sharp pain in my lower stomach - like someone is stabbing me, which all seem different to normal, however, I know I have a mental baby head & I'm probably making it all up.

However, one sympton I have *never* had happened today...I got slightly GREEN CM????? which was a little bit lumpy but also creamy...I only saw it the once & now its gone...

I appreciate that if this continues I might get it looked at, but as it came the once this morning & now it's gone, I just wondered if it could be another symptom!! Clutchy at those tiny straws as per usual! :lol:

Just thought I'd check with you ladies!

*Sprinkles baby dust*


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