hi girls......wot a day!


well wot a day ive had lol.....

i been helping my sister who is 4months preg clear her loft out as she having a loft conversion done, i been lugging heavy stuff the lot, as couldnt say anything as she dont know i trying!!

Im CD22 and 8DPO and now hving pulling pains in my groin! grrrrr hope i aint done myself any damage.......just hve 2 see i suppose

xx hols xx


  • hi hols, sounds like a tiring day! i have been sitting watching hubbie paint the hallway, as I didnt want to risk the paint smell doing anything!!
    i am sure you havent done anything and fingers crossed for you - when are you testing? I am testing thursday morning and cant wait! been having bad af type cramps and also one sided pinching pains!
    have you got any other symptoms? xx
  • hi hun

    im gonna try not test till fri lol but we will see lol, i got alot of CM,sore nipples,feel sick sometimes,and cramps....

    prob all in my head ha ha xx
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