Got in early BFN

It was Neg on a superdrug test :\( :cry:

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  • Not the outcome i expected, hold in there, it's not over til the witch arrives xx
  • BE just ate my reply ahhhhhh

    Oh sweet what DPO are you? We are normally on the same CD/DPO but think your ahead of me this month!!! maybe your a bit early still for it to pick up!!!

    I still have everything crossed for you babe image image :lol: :lol:

  • Oh Gembags.

    Did you buy a twin pack?
    I'm sure it was just because it wasn't FMU.

    Don't get disheartened yet, defo try tomo with FMU xx
  • There's still plenty of time hun!! Don't let all that PMA disappear!! xxxx
  • I agree, try with FMU and dont lose your PMA until you know for def. IF you are not sure get a blood test. My mum had that problem with me, she got + and - and after 3 months of testing got a blood test done which confirmed it image

  • It was a Twin pack but i think AF will come first
    Have no PMA :cry: going to wait for AF
    Had a few pains and spotting now so i am sure she will come soon. :cry:
    Maby month 16 will be my month x

    P.S.......... Superdrug have twin packs 2 for ??8 image
  • aww, try and stay positive! xx
  • hiya!! after reading your other thread i was expecting a bfp, however just want to let u know i had 3 bfn;s before my bfp. Only got my bfp 2 days after my af was due!! So its not over yet!! mahoosive good luck
  • wise words caza82.... keep that PMA up gembags! x
  • aww gembags keep up that pma, keeping everything crossed for you.xxxx
  • Thank you I am so sure i could see a second line and my OH could see 2 lines but the 2nd line was so faint..... we will se I am only 11 DPO so early testing anyway :lol:
    Going to chill and look after my tum image
    Caza82 thanx hun. Hope my beans hidding and just teaching me to wait image
  • Keeping everything crossed for you hun. xx
  • even more pma when i did have a line it wasnt all that dark either!! i took it about 4 pm!! lol xxx
  • Awww good luck gembags....hold out for a couple more days and then test again - sending you lots of luck xx
  • Its just a little shy one hun.

    I'm like Caza, I didn't get my bfp until after af was due.

    Hold on in there hun, still got my hopes on month 15.

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