Morning Ladies,

I have been getting low abdo pains for the last couple of days and im just wondering if this could be "implantation pains" ?? I have never experienced them before? Anyone else had these ?

I OV a week gone Friday so AF should be due in a few days !



  • I have got these for a week or two before AF last month and again this month (AF due staurday). they could either be new type AF pains or implantation! that is the prob - both pains and symptoms are so similar apparantly! I hope it is a BFP for you tho! xx
  • I hope it is for you, I had this last month and nothing and again i have it this time though as Immense said AF and preg signs are the same xx
  • I have had pains too and I ovulated a week ago and AF is due next Tuesday! They are very mild shooting pains and are in different places. Sometimes on the left, then right and occassionaly accross the middle. Im hoping its a sympton of something good as I haven had these before - but then I am now super analysing my body so its hard to tell sometimes.. xx
  • I think when I was analysingmy body all the time and looking out for any symptom I felt more then I do now. I used to get all sorts of abdo pains throughout cycle and got all the pg symptoms under the sun leading upto af but never got a bfp. Now im not as observant (sp?) I dont feel these pains as much. Im not saying they were in my head just that its prob normal for most women to experience them and could be logical explanation like af coming or ov coming or wind haha or my ovarian cyst playing up etc etc xx
  • Yeah Im getting the same kinds of pains right now!! Its the first time Ive had them. I get like a numb occasionally shooting pain in lower abdo mostly at the left but also in the middle. I was ov ish last week and due af in wk or so. Im getting blood test done at mo to make sure Im ovulating becos my prolactin levels hav been too high and this can stop ovulation - bn ttc for over a yr now. But my prolactin levels hav started coming down to normal levels......so this month I feel like I hav ovulated poss first time sice comin off pill over a yr ago!!

  • I also have these crampy pains and have never had them before there excatly like u describe, I have a hunger/sickness feeling also which started yesterday starts around lunchtime then lasts all day till bedtime! Dont get that with my AF normally! Well in a few days ill know! x
  • I've been suffering with exactly the same type of pains over the weekend and I've never had them before, they are not like usualy af pains, was due to OV some time in the last few days, I also got really travel sick in the car yesterday which I've NEVER had before. Don't know what's going on, have woken this morning with a dull nagging pain really low down.
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