just got back from the doctors..

i have to go for an internal scan on saturday at 11. not really sure what to expect, any1 had 1 b4??? xxx

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  • hey, yeah i've had 5 or 6 now... lol, they're fine, you have to sit on a bed and put ur feet in stirrups though! not very dignifying but they give you a blanket to put over yuorself. the scan doesn't hurt one bit, just a bit cold, can be a bit uncomfortable if they twist it to look at your ovaries but there's nothing to worry about. xx
  • Yup i've had a few, like rocky-kiz says its a bit cold and can be a little uncomfortable, might make your eyes water if you look before they insert!image
    Lol, I didn't have stirrups, you'll be fine sweety.xx
  • I did that once bcoz I told the Dr i wanted to check if everything is fine inside there :P

    But i was wondering wht could they find? He told me that my ovaries and womb look good and that I have already ovulated.
    I was wondering if there was a cycst or blockage or anything else that he could see??
  • I had a huge, mahoosive, cyst 2 years ago and they had a good look with an internal. xx
  • i have had one and as the ladies say it was not unpleasant...they more relaxed you try and be the better. The cold jelly didnt help...nearly jumped off the bed ha.
    It was absolutely fine i did not need stirrups, and they only guide it in slightly then a little wiggle, it isnt forced up high or anything ( if that makes sense) and they keep you covered up. Dont think she even needed to look where she was putting it she was that good ha


    let us know how you get on x
  • I've had them too hun, lots and lots of them!!! I always have stirrups and unfortunately mine are a bit uncomfortable whenever I have one as they always look at my ovaries and monitor blood flow in my womb etc so there is a lot of movement and twisting. Hopefully yours isn't such a deep one but even if it is, having a smear is worse in my opinion so if you've had one of those then you can expect it to be much better than that!!! Good luck : ) .x.
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