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Another newbie

Hi everyone, Just been checking out the site an as everyone seems really friendly I thought I'd give it a go.

I'm 29 and had my contraceptive implant out around 3 months ago. The first month a/f didn't make an apperance which didn't really surprise me but OH MY GOD did I know she was here last month. I've never had period pains like it. Anyway this month again a/f's a no show. I've done a test which came back neg. I'm abit bummed about it but trying to take it in my stride as it's still early days yet. Can anyone tell me if this is normal after coming off the implant?? My periods were never that regular before I had it put in and stopped altogether once I had it. I'm hoping my bodies just getting used to being without it and things will become regular sometime soon. Also I've been taking starflower oil tablets as I've been told they can help with hormones anyone else heard of this??

Hope someone can give me some advice and thanks in advance Helen x x x


  • Welcome Helen78! afraid I don't know either but hope someone else can help you. Good luck ttc. Amy x
  • Hi I aren't sure either sorry. Is Starflower the same as Agnus Castus? I heard that that can help regulate your hormones and make your cycle regular again. Could just be your body adjusting and getting back to 'normal' . When I came off the pill it took a few months. Good luck ttc and welcome to the site image xx
  • Heya helen i had my implant taken out in may after almost 2 years....had a af after 6wks, then 2 at 31 days and the last was 37! Be warned really bad breast pain (soz tmi) and have found thats its normal after having implanon out! Am on day 22, fingers crossedweve hit it this month...although not guna hold my breath!!! Goodluck hun, xxx kim xxx
  • Hi Helen
    I just wanted to say welcome.
    Sorry I cant help as I was on the pill, but just wanted to say hello.
    Oh & that I love your name :lol:
    Love Helen x x
  • Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

    I'm not sure if starflower oil is the same as Agnus Castus but the name rings a bell so maybe it is.
    I did notice last month that I had very sore breasts and this month I seem to have really bad mood swings which my O/H has pointed out is causing me to be abit of a cow to him. Poor bloke I must be a nightmare to live with.
    Anyway I guess I'm now playing the waiting game I just hope it doesn't take as long as it did last time (3 years).
    Take care all Helen x x x
  • Hi Helen

    Welcome to the site. I use to take starflower before i went on the pill as its suppose to help pmt and period pain i think its different from agnus castus. I was on mycrogynon for 5 years. Since ive stopped taking the pill im the same got sore breasts pmt i must be murder to live with sometimes. Anyway good luck. jen xx
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