BFN :(

tested just now and got BFN :\( actually feel really gutted this time. Af still not really here but have had a few blood spots when wiping after POAS so bound to be in full flow soon i guess.

Oh well docs thursday so hopefully i can get my bloods etc done then.

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  • Oh love I am so sorry it was this result. You have the doctors now and will hopfully get your results in and see whats going on! When was your AF due?

  • no idea my cyclesare irregular i'm on cd80 today at a guess but i've lost count to be honest. i was sure i'd ov'd last monday had loads of ewcm and pains but i guess not.
  • Oh yes i remember sorry to keep asking. I would say it's too early babe, i would give it till the end of the week and then maybe test again?

    k XX
  • Sorry to hear you got a bfn hun. Hopefully the blodds will tell you something. Let us know, xx
  • Sorry about the bfn lilac - it's crap that you still have to be in limbo. Hopefully you'll get some answers on Thursday. Keep us posted.

  • Sorry to hear that- fingers crossed you get some answers at docs xx
  • af is being really cruel now after that bit of blood this morning NOTHING!!!! i give up chop it all out hesteractomy here i come!!

    Okay thats a bit dramatic but u get the point!
  • Sorry Lilac. You're really not getting it easy, are you? Hopefully it's still too early for a BFP cos you only ov'd last Monday. If not, then I hope the Docs can give you some more information.

    Keep smiling my lovely.

  • Hi Lilac
    sorry to hear what you're going through. If it's any comfort, I'm in a similar position to you right now. I'm on CD88 today. I had some ewcm on Friday (second lot during this cycle) but my temps haven't risen so I don't think I have ovulated. Similarly to you it has really gotten me down for the first time. On Sunday I went out to lunch with my husband and just sat there with tears rolling down my face.
    Sorry to have crashed your thread, just thought I'd let you know i'm here if you want to vent or just to let you know there's somebody else in a similar position to you.
  • Oh lilac, sorry to hear that hun. But hopefully it is just a case of testing too early and maybe the blood was implantation.

    Give it another week and test again, and hopefully it will be a bfp xx
  • Oh hun, I'm soo sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll get some answers from the drs. xx
  • oh moomin, sorry your having problems too its awful being in limbo. I wish i knew for def if i've ov'd but i've just given up testin etc now and last week was the 1st time i've had ewcm in ages- its a mystery how the female productive system works really!
  • I know it's a total mystery isn't it? and just so frustrating. I hope you have indeed ov'd and get a positive result soon. We can't do much but wait and hope i'm afraid. xxx
  • Sorry to hear this lilac - I was so hopeful it would be a bfp for you. As others have said, may be still too early if you only had ewcm last week. xx
  • think i may be in same boat actually. I have been talking as if i'm in dpo stage cos i had ewcm but from what Moomins saying that doesnt mean I have ov'd atall. in which case i am now on cd42. did a test today and bfn. So i guess am am just waiting for af then can count properly but at this rate who knows when that will be!!
  • Moomin and Lilac - so sorry to hear that. Hopefully the appearence of AF for me this week can give you hope? I'd had nothing for months and she then just turned up after a day's spotting, and then a day of nothing.

    Good luck to you both - and don't despair. Its upsetting and frustrating but she could be on her way x
  • sorry u tested and got a bfn hun, dont give up!! hugs xxx
  • sorry to hear about BFN. it isn't over yet though hun.
    sending you lots of PMA xxx
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