so weird

thursday night i fell asleep at 8pm unlike me
friday (last nite) i feel asleep at 9pm again unlike me
and slept all the nite through well i feel asleep again this afternoon never fall asleep throught the day inless i have a really bad nite sleep which goes back to i slept the whole nite through from 9pm


  • well i am on CD35 and my shortest cycle has been 44 days so could be and this is going on shortest cycle not sure if i OV'ED i could be 4DPO but without knowing if i OV'ed no idea plus i think i might have OV'ED 1st of may not to sure if i go by that then i am 7DPO if i am then only took me 23 months lol
  • Fingers crossed meagnella! I've been the same over the last few days, worse infact as the week's gone on! Got to bed at about 12ish last night, in bed 'til 10.30am (lazy!) and then at about 4 I couldn't keep my eyes open and slept 'til 7pm! Feel as though I've snoozed the day away! We should just keep in mind that it's a good signimage xxx
  • i will just have to check as i have PCOS so have irregular AF'S
  • plus been reading your post i don't know what to say sometime so just read and see whats going with everyone good luck for monday as people say its not over till AF comes not going to test till the 15th of may as i only think i OV'ED if AF turns up i will be on to clomid for the next cycle
  • i am feeling sick but that might be the side affects of the metformin
  • not sure weather to do a PG test tomorrow
  • hey hunny, i know i replied on your other thread but wanted to say that i've got PCOS too and it took me 2 years to get my BFP and i never ov'd and always have very irregular AF's - but wanted to say that it WILL happen, i always thought 'd never have children, but i'm nearly 15 weeks now and it's a miracle keep at it xxx
  • sorry if i have misled you in anyway but i was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago and was told i was releasing an egg so went home to BD and fell PG that was with 2 years of trying then we said we wanted another one so we said when AF turns up we will start trying again well AF never turned up and found out i was just 6 weeks PG just over a year after having 1st DD so we kind of tryed for 8 months or so and this one has been 23 months so far sorry i know PCOS will not beat me and thank you for your +ve story hun congrats on your little bean do you know what sex your are having found out on 1st one then 2nd we wanted a surprise buts i had compilations with her and found out at 34 weeks 2 weeks before we had her this time not going to find out and having a birthplan this time as i want to see them do all the checks in the room with me and weight bubba i want a slow quite one
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