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Hello Girls

Well thats me 3 weeks late today really down in dumps that nothing is happening, my cramp had even disappeared! Its now come back and my nipples are also sore dont know if that means anything

If AF does arrive on the 10th when should do it means that I will have 2 months to get rid of so I think its going to be a sore one!!


  • Oh baby scot, you poor thing, that's awful, so sorry you are feeling so low, it's no wonder given your predicament.

    Do you know if you've OV'd? Maybe your cycles are a bit messed up and your OV has been delayed.

    Sending you ((hugs)) and wishing you lots of luck xx
  • I dont know if I am just missing a month, I also dont know if I have ovulated this month hopefully if I have we have caught it

    There are hundreds of people around me pregnant so thats not helping me either right now I am so happy for them all but at the same time hate them! I feel really bad for these thoughts
  • Yes but it's only natural baby_scot so don't beat yourself up about it. They never tell you how hard ttc actually is!!

    Hopefully it'll be your turn soon xx
  • hey baby scot i totally sympathise with you theres nothing worse than the waiting! i'm the same i missed 5 periods and the doc had to give me tablets to bring one on! been trying for almost a year now and the two girls i lunch with at work are both due next month i have to sit there and listen to all their plans and its so hard to get excited for them! but it'll be us one day chin up hun!
  • I know it will be me one day just annoyed as I am normally so regular and then suddenly this month nothing!
  • thats exactly what happened to me - every 28 days for 18 years then suddenly totally wonky! my mum thinks i want it too bad and i have to stop thinking about it - its alright for her to say that but theres bumps and babies everywhere! see when it happens thou you'll forget about the wait x
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