Is it ever gonna happen

I'm feeling quite low today, i'm in to month 10 now of ttc and getting really fed up with it all. I'm on my drugs now to start my af and get me ov but its not working yet (only a week in i know). Just keep thinking that its never gonna be my time.:cry: Just feeling sorry for myself really and getting impatient and want a baby so much.
I'm healthy eating, exercising and taking these pills (Metformin) so surely something should work soon.
Sorry i'll be quiet now, had my rant.


  • Hi Hun, im only in my first month of ttc so can only being to understand how fustrated and low your feeling. Try and stay positive and try looking at things differently... (easier said than done i know) dont look at it as you 10th month ttc, look at it at month that you are taking metformin its a new start... might help!

    Sending u lots of pma xxx
  • That wasn't a rant. It will happen, give the Metformin time to work. It must have positive effects, otherwise you wouldn't have been put on it. It's a shame everything takes time, but try to keep your chin up. You have taken action! xx
  • That sounds painful SB!! I'm smiling honest!! Thanks girls, its just hard to stay positive when you've lived and breathed ttc for the last year nearly and nothing is happening. OK i promise i'll cheer up now and use some of that PMA off the tree.
  • Its hard and frustrating ttc and understand your own body. But u must try and stay positive, this a new month with metformin helping so hopefully this one will be the month! Good luck ill be looking for bfp post soon!! image xx
  • sending PMA you way, sorry to hear your feeling down..its bound to feel like that some times. stay strong and take care
  • Oh slow, I really feel for you, Im sending you lots of PMA to do with as you feel! As stephspear said, try to see it as your first month TTC as you have only just started the metformin. I hope that you feel better after a good nights sleep hun, take care.

  • It will happen hun. I think once my sis started taking Met her cycle was 34 days. Give it a chance to get working.
    Now you are on the medication you are a step closer.
    I have my first blood test today to diagnose my pcos so fingers crossed it won't be too long until I am on it too! xx
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