Going to test .... UPDATED dream is over!

After all the stress and worry this week I have definitely decided to test tomorrow!!
Feel very nervous as I'm not sure how I'll cope with a BFN. It's been lovely thinking that I could possibly be pregnant this month as all the symptoms were good, just not sure now.

Anyway fingers crossed but I'm not too hopeful xx

It was a BFN! I know this may sound stupid but I hate myself so much for not being able to get pregnant! I feel totally inadequate. My poor OH tries to console me and I feel like I should be consoling him but I can't do it whole heartedly. I just know that we are never going to be able to have children and it will be all my fault.

Sorry to put a downer on things, and thank you for all your good luck messages.

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  • Fingers crossed for you pet! x
  • Good Luck!!
    Stay positive image
  • Good luck and babydust! POAS'ing is really stressful, but keeping fingers crossed for a christmas pud! xxx
  • Wannabeamummy - Keeping everything crossed that its a BFP xx
  • Good Luck hun xx
  • Good luck for tomorrow.xx
  • Good luck i'm going to keep all my fingers crossed for you xx
  • good luck hun, keeping everything crossed.xxx
  • thanks everyone, but I'm so nervous! Don't think it's our month but you never know x
  • Sorry to ruin the dream x I can't understand how people just get pregnant when we are finding it so hard!
  • Hi hun,

    Just logged on to see if you had tested so sorry to hear it was a BFN, whens your af due? if she hasnt arrived maybe it could be a shy bean.

    It is disheartening hun, how long have you been trying?

    Chin up and try not to let it ruin things xx
  • Af was due last Friday! We have been trying now since April with absolutely no luck! Doctor has advised us to go back in January to start tests if we haven't conceived by then. Was hoping we wouldn't have to go through tests, but it will help solve the problem if there is one, good luck and hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Have your cycles been regular? sorry hun I dont know what to say it must be heartbreaking but try to stay positive your BFP will come xx
  • Sorry you got a BFN hun, I was going to test yesterday but AF was there waiting for me first thing.. On to month 17 for us... It just gets harder and harder doesn't it :cry:

    We will be going to the dr's Feb time to start tests if no BFP before then.

    Sorry again, spend a couple of days spoiling yourself xx
  • OH has gone to work as he is on nights! I'm glad to be alone to be honest because I feel guilty crying when he is here as it makes him feel bad. Drowning my sorrows in a bottle of wine! I don't care how many units I'm drinking, I'm aiming to be numb before bed time so that I can sleep. Thank you everyone.
    Broody Beth do you know what the tests at the doctors entails because I'm really worried about it?
  • TBH I'm not sure. I think it would start with blood tests on certain days to confirm OV though with the CBFM I'm sure its not that. I am sending OH to have his swimmers checked and will probably ask for a scan because my periods are quite hevay, painful and (TMI) full of clots most of the time.

    I need to register at the docs because we moved so have no idea what my doctor will be like.. Do you know what your doctor is like? If you feel comfortable talking to him/her I think it will make it easier. I bled for 3 weeks back in April time and saw my old Dr then but didn't really like him and he only gave me tablets to stop the bleeding and I didn't feel like I could say anything else to him if you know what I mean?

    I often have a cry to my OH, yesterday was a very big cry and I feel bad about crying to him but if I didn't I think I would be in a nastty mood so I just let it all out.

    Sorry this has turned into a massive post, If you're really late you could go to the dr's now and let them know whats happening. Even if they say to go away and see what happens at lease they will be aware xx
  • Oh, thats awful!! I hope you get your BFP soon and it's not over til AF arrives!! Good luck xx
  • Oh dear, I'm really sorry to hear your news image

    I am currently waiting for AF (due Thurs) but have no hope this time as have had AF cramps for several days already.

    I went to the docs a few weeks ago: OH got booked in for a hospital appointment to get his sperm checked (he went last week - and they don't do it at the local hospital either, so it meant he had to take a whole morning off!). Anyway, that's done and now we wait for the results. For me, I had to see the practise nurse on Friday and had blood tests for progesterone. Supposed to be CD21, but my cycle is short so CD19 instead. Also I had to have other tests for STIs. Not particularly impressed as they don't test OH for these (why not?). At least it's over now and I just have to wait for the results. I assume this would be the same first steps for you if you decide to go to get checked out.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust. Here's hoping for a lucky few weeks for everyone!!

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