feeling low :(


this is going to sound really selfish compared to what some people are going through but just feeling really down tonight. Me and husband decided to ttc 3 months ago but since coming off pill in Jan I'm still waiting for AF (70 odd days now, I've stopped specifically counting now). Have had tests and all normal just my stupid body being rubbish. Anyway one of my friends had a baby last week and now another one tonight has just announced she is pregnant. I'm really happy for them both but makes me feel even more c**p about lack of even being able to try for a baby. I thought I might have ovulated a few days ago as was very moody, came up in spots and was very tired but didn't have any cramping and then started to get a cold so now think it was just the onset of the cold so think I still haven't ovulated.

I'm so fed up, frustrated and just feel rubbish!!

Thanks for letting me moan, just needed to let it out a bit



  • Sending you (((((hugs)))))

    It must be very frustrating waiting for AF to show, she will come hun, please try and be patient, I know it isn't easy!
    I know only too well how it feels to find out friends are pg, 2 of mine revealed it whilst I was going through my mc and I found it very hard to cope with even though I was genuinly pleased for them.

    Hope you feel a tiny bit better by getting it out,
  • Thanks Mrs H, I think me and my friends are now getting to that age where everyone is ready for a baby and I'm sure there will be a few more announcements in the next few months. *stamps feet* "I want one"!!! lol

    Is there anything I can take to make it come? Why oh why is it taking so long!!!
  • *joins in with the feet stamping!!*

    I am not sure about taking anything, have heard some girls talking about Agnus Castus but I am not sure what for, maybe it was regulating cycles? Perhaps google it hun.

    I hope she shows soon xxxx
  • Oh (((hugs))) Sorry you are feeling so down.

    Have you considered buying a big pile of cheapie ov sticks online and just peeing on one every day? That way at at least you might feel like you are doing something positive, and when you ov you will know two weeks in advance of AF (or BFP!) coming that you have (and hence have two weeks less of not knowing what's going on?) Or would POAS every day just be more stressful? I only suggest it as I am the kind of person who likes to feel they are doing something (anything!) and even though it obviously won't speed ovulation up it is at least something you can do to monitor things....

    Thinking positively though, it is entirely possible that you did ov the other day when you had your symptoms. Fingers crossed that's what it was and the cold is just a conicidence! I haven't noticed any cramping at all around the time of ovulation, so the lack of cramps doesn't mean that you didn't.

    Fingers crossed for you. xxx
  • I agree with Tilty, Amazon opk's will do the trick. You just need to check out the pics of what they are supposed to look like as I was convinced mine weren't working until I finally saw a 'true' +ve result.

    Here is a link with pics:


    Good luck hun. I hope you get your bfp or af soon.
  • I am sorry that you're feeling low.

    I too have the same feeling. And i suddenly feel as if all couples around me are getting pregnant. I hope it will be our time soon.

    I wish you all the best
  • Aw Kernow, I can totally relate to your situation. I'm probably a bad example as I'm 6 months off pill only had 1 AF and on about CD55 of cycle 2! Having said that there are quite a few people on here who have gone from coming off the pill, to waiting for a few months with only a couple or even no AF and then getting a BFP!! You could well be one of those. It's very common for your cycles to be all over the place when you come off the pill.

    You could try seeing your doctor and explaining how much it's playing on your mind, by this stage they might give you a blood test which will probably put your mind at rest, and if it shows there is something that might be causing it will get the ball rolling. They might also send you for an ultrasound, which will help to rule out PCOS.

    Also as Tilty and BoB say, cheapy OPKs will help you to catch when you do ov. You could also try temperature charting and keeping a note of any symptoms you feel, to notice any patterns. Doing all this makes me feel more in control, but on the other hand if it stresses you out then this can also hold you back too (quite difficult not to when it's been a while).

    There was a thread about it a while back if you want to read but be warned it's very long!! http://www.babyexpert.com/chatroom/topic/138789?startnum=281

    Sorry for the long ramble. ((((hugs)))) and PMA x
  • Hiya

    Sorry you are feeling so low the waiting is the hardest bit whether it be for AF or the 2ww.
    Having read the baby making bible they say that acuputure is a very good way of getting your cycles sorted out so maybe this is something you could think about trying? I don't know how expensive it is but it may give you another option to hink about if you wanted to try and improve the situation yourself as like the others above it makes you feel better if you feel like you are doing something about it!

    Baby dust hope AF / BFP comes soon xx
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all the supportive comments and I'm feeling much better (despite my stinking cold!) about things. I'm going to order a load of cheapy OPK tests tomorrow and Tilty i agree I'll feel better knowing a bit more about when I can expect af or bfp (I wish lol).

    Starrynu I've already done the Dr thing and all the blood tests came back normal. My FSH level was 4 which Dr said meant I was still in first half of cycle (hadn't ovulated yet). That was about 3 weeks ago. All he suggested was that as my bmi was technically in the underweight category (not by much though) that I needed to eat more high fat foods to produce the oestrogen needed. But I'm not keen on this and think he was just looking to give me answers (I mean look at all the skinny minnies in the world who have periods and babies!)

    Jennifuree I've heard acupuncture is good and we have a place in town so am going to investigate in my Easter hols.

    I'm just so frustrated as there is nothing I can do to get things moving and I'm starting to really hate my stupid not working body!
  • Don't lose hope, my friend came off the pill in October and after her withdrawal bleed she didn't have an AF in five months, she tested just to be sure after five months and she was seven weeks pg. Miracles do happen, we just have to wait a little longer for ours x x baby dust x x x
  • my friend had this problem too her Dr prescribed Clomid may be worth enquriing about it hun x I do know how you feel about wanting a baby and everyone around you getting pregnant, hopefully this is our month for DH and I xx
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