CD01 at long last, CBFM here I come

Ok are my cycles getting longer or what. 2 months ago it was 21 days next it was 27 and now it was 31 days, wish it would make its mind up, I actually thought i was late this month and i did some sneaky testing here an there, actually wasted 4 of the damn things, god its annoying, if only i waited.

Anyways am glad its finally CD01 for me, cant believe i am actually excited to see my AF, Roll on CD06 so i can use my CBFM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im just gonna practice with it this month before i use it properly as i have got 47 test sticks, ive got plenty there :lol:

Just wanted to update you all image


P.S should get start date soon, Ive chased up references. Its all good!


  • Aww hun it's horrible isn't it? Why do our bodies do this to us! You're right though onwards and upwards! Will this be your first month of using cbfm? I'm on cd3 of using mine for the first month and can't wait for it to tell me I'm ov so we can finally get our dates right!
    Good luck x
  • Hiya mooker, Yeah its my 1st month. Good luck this month for you. Im just having a play around, gives it a chance to get used to my weird cycles.

    You finding it easy to read results? I have been reading the instructions, infact i read it all the day i got it image. Sounds fairly easy, just worried ill miss my OV day.

  • Hi there! Good luck with your first month using your CBFM! It's my first month using mine! I'm on CD19 and mine has gone straight from low to peak?? I had no highs at all! So just a warning that apparently the first month it can just be getting used to your cycle! Xx
  • hey hunni, im CD1 today as well and will be my first month with cbfm image fingers crossed for us image xxx
  • Hiya hun good luck with the CBFM you deserve it hope you get your BFP soon so you back to trying now??

    Fingers crossed for you hun

  • woooop! good luck with cbfm! let me no how u get on! hopefully u will get lucky xxxxx
  • Boo af but yaay for being able to use your cbfm!
    Irregular cycles are a bitch as you know I know!! Lol! But it won't stop you from being mummypp!!
  • hoe exciting, good luck x
  • hehe Im so excited too!

    Hiya SD, hows things going? Were not gonna try yet, as still not got the start date, gonna have a practice this month, so im prepared for next month. Might have a chat with hubby was thinking of putting it off for a few more months. In my other topic about my new job someone mentioned about enhanced maternity pay with the NHS and its full pay for 6 months, better than SMP, you have to be there a year, so maybe an extra 3 months might cover it and should be there a year, if im correct? Were just thinking about it financially.

    Hiya kels thats great! I got a cycle buddy, woohooo! You starting on CD6?

    Hey JC, hows the bump or how is the bump progressing? image

    Saw your other post piggypops and good luck image

    HIya *me* I will let you know how it goes, i can see it being a disaster, when im waking up at 6am for my shift i couldnt see myself POAS at that time, not even a pg test.

    Thanks CJG, ill keep an eye out on that one? did you get low on 1 day then high peak the next or did you POAS a few days apart?

  • I've had lows since cycle day 6, and then it asked me to poas everyday, and today on cd19 it jumped straight to peak! Very strange! Fingers crossed we all get our BFP's!! Xx
  • That is quite a jump. Quite easy to miss then, blimey.
    Well good luck to us both that it works!

  • Hiya, I got AF late last night was gutted. Does mean I'm onto CD1 today tho and get to unpack my brand spanking new CBFM, so like you quite excited to try it out.
    Fingers crossed for the new CBFM crew
  • I think we ought to open up a new CBFM thread for the newbie CBFM owners, what d ya reckon?

  • thats a well good idea image roll on fri and cd6 i say so we can start poas image xxx
  • I dont know why but i had it stuck in my head that i shouldnt turn it on until CD06, I should of turned it on this morning at 9am when i woke up but i forgot so i got to wait till tomorrow morning now. Good job im not working till 2pm. My 6 hr testing window will be from 6am - 12pm which is perfect for my late and early shifts.

  • ha ha same as me, i didnt know when to turn mine on so also turning mine on at 9am tomorrow image xxx
    i also work shifts
  • g/c

    just wanted to say lots of luck for this month, really hope the cbfm does its job...fingers crossed for a bfp this month xxx
  • Thanks Wow, Just gonna have a play round with it this month see what my body is doing.. We might put the proper use of it on hold for few months for maternity pay reasons. Can you use it 1 month and skip next month or so or do you have to use continously all the way through?


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  • the mat pay for the nhs is 8 weeks full, 18 weeks half + SMP, then SMPs for 13 weeks, if you were interested, x
  • Thanks piggy, How long do you have to be working with them for?
    Someone mentioned about enhanced maternity pay?

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