I'm shaking all over! UPDATED


Impatience got the better of me and I decided this morning to use one of the First Response tests 6 days before AF due....and I have a faint second line...I'm really praying that it is a BPF! Not taking anything for granted, but absolutely over the moon, but terrified in equal measures (probably hence the shaking). Let's hope it sticks!

Yet to tell my husband as he's at work, but think I'm going to wait until tomorrow when I can retest with us both there and hope that the line is a bit stronger and clearer as I know he's going to be totally shocked as it's our 1st month ttc and I've spent the last year telling him it probably wouldn't happen straight away because of our ages and that things rarely ever go to plan!

Wishing everyone the best of luck TTC.

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  • thats great news! fingers crossed for u image x
  • Ill just whisper congratulations for you, :\), Fingers crossed!

  • Sounds promising! Hope to see you in DIJ! x
  • sounds good hunni! I hope you get your bfp! See ya in dij! X x x
  • Thanks everybody! I have everything crossed that it turns out as hopes - will update you soon and move over to DIJ when I'm certain!
  • Huge congratulations mande, that's fab news. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP for me as it seems to be a good month for everyone. xx
  • Quick Update....

    Tested again this morning with my husband and it's still very faint, but it is there! If I can work out how to post a photo I will!

    Husband is thinks it's way to faint and is a bit disbelieving of it, so have just been out and got a CB Digital test which I intend to use in a couple of days time.

    My stomach seems to be in knots of excitment/nerves at the moment!

    ( I feel really guilty now - I always used to read posts from people saying am I /aren't I pregnant and just sort of presumed you'd know and a line's a line! Now it's me, I so totally understand where everyone is coming from - the uncertainty is driving me mad. So wish I hadn't given into will power and tested early!!!)

    Baby dust to everyone. xx
  • Whispers congratulations! image

    Just remember CBD aren't that sensitive hon, so don't give up hope if it doesn't give you the result you want. You might not get anything on one of them until af is due or even late.

    Good luck for testing again :\) xx
  • I wouldn't do a CBD just yet hun. When i first got my BFP my lines were faint and my cbd said not pregnant until 2 days later.

    I saved my HPTs and compared them every other day and they all got darker gradually.

    Congratulations hun
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