a bit gutted...

my cuusin just announced on fb thats shes pregnant, shes 17. its so upsetting when someone announces theyre preg in ur family, especially when it was 'an accident' image o well im not too upset atm, but if i get a bfn i probs will be super upset, hey ho.....

dont exoect a reply really just needed to vent, feel much better now and cant wait til testing on fri! woooooooop! x


  • Oh hun, I am sorry, I know what you mean and I am sure everyone on here will say the same when TTC and relatives etc get pg....you do have a touch of the green eyed monster its only natural.

    I am sure your BFP on Friday will appear xxxx
  • ooooooooo i hope so! i had a feeling u would reply! hehe x
  • ha ha sorry hun....am i annoying you lol xxx
  • I know what you mean, I get really upset too when I hear other people have got a bfp especially when they weren't trying! Lately I get angry about it too as I miscarried our first baby in April and have been trying since (anger only lasts a minute or so though!).

    I never understand how accidents happen though when it seems so damn hard to conceive when there's only a few days in the month when it can happen!!

    Good luck for fri and hopefully you'll be announcing your good news too xx
  • awwwwwww im so so sorry kwn, im hoping u will be annoucing soon too! i just dont understand how poeple who dont try get pg! and peole who do, dont! lmao so confusing! x
  • Hi hun, i think we all get it. I get angry too kwn as i mc'd at the beginning of May!

    Also i work in a clinic and we see unwanted pregnancies all the time. We had a girl in today with her 3rd unwanted pregnancy and it kills me!

    Oh well eh! When we get our BFP they will be the most wanted bubbas in the world!!
  • hi hun,

    I have been in exactly the same boat as you! my cousin announced she was pregnant when she was 26 weeks(as she hadnt a clue she was)Yea rite! Anyway i cried my eyes out as i was soooo upset it wasnt meee! Typical poker face moment! She too was only 17 the next week i got my BFP. Hope the same happens to you xxx
  • Hunni, I can totally sympathise !

    My younger sister got pg off a one night stand when I was ttc and went on to abort it, I was so angry and upset by it !

    Then when I fell pg with my dd my sister wouldnt even acknowledge my existance as she hated that I was pg when she had got rid of hers as she later regretted her decision ! Was some hard times !
  • sorry chick its not nice is it esp when you want it

    my hubby's friend told him on sat that his GF is preg and he said congratulations etc but then added id be gutted coz thats another person/friend of ours who is pregnant and im not,could have slapped the idiot!!!!
  • Sorry to hear you've had a hard time...but on the bright side-you have testing soon!! image good luck hun hope you get your BFP x x x
  • hoping2beamummy lol of course not! its been nice chatting image

    lady2188, so sorry about ur mc. your r right tho, our babies will be serously loved! i think we are the same age too? 21? x

    ooo stepford wife thats fab news! congrats! i really hope that happens!

    lambchop that must of been awful for u! and her!

    keri-anne, its rubbish aint it! fingers crossed for u tho. ive never had anyone announce a bfp since ttc so this my first, didnt think it would be this heartbreaking!

    lol grudie, why do hubs always drop u in it, haha mine does too, bless him, sometimes men just dont think b4 they talk! hehe

    omg mrsc, im at work welling up at my desk! im looking down at the keyboard so knowone can see lol. awww that is soo sweet! i will remember that! x

    thanks babydreamer image

    SOOOOOOOOOOO.... i did a naughty, i tested last night, 10dpo (im sorry i couldnt help it) .... BFN. im gutted, i cant help but clutch straws and think maybe i tested to eraly for a bfp, so i spose just wait to see if af arrives now. image

    feeling really silly for testing now. i swear that 2nd pink line doesnt excist! x
  • Yeah i'm 21, supposedly young and fertile eh?! LOL! And supposed to be less chance of mc when young! I wonder who conjures up these statistics!

    10dpo is still early hun, as long as AF isn't here you're well in the game still!

    MrsC that line is lovely!
  • i no! ahaha onto my 6th month now if this bfn is really a bfn. young and fertile lmao *tuts* i wish x
  • thanks keri-anne image ur a star xxxxx

    btw, i just added amyspersonalisedcrafts, and her LO looks very similar to ur elle, how sweet!
  • It sounds awful to say its gutting when someone else close to you gets pregnant. I dont think hubbie understands it but I am so happy for them but just so frustrated and upset for us. I am the last one now out of our group of friends to have children and our friends who have had problems ttc announced they were pregnant last week...i burst into tears and sobbed for hours..i now feel like i cant talk to her at the moment which is so nasty but isnt meant in a nasty way at all...oh blimey what does this ttc malarky turn us into...i need to listen to my own advice but you just need to keep your chin up, keep positive and think that it will be YOU announcing your imminent arrival very very soon xxx
  • i really hope so wannabemummygem, i really really do for us all image xxx
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