am i being nieve girls?

ok, couldnt help but poas yest morn for the sheer hell out of it, did pg and opk, opk very faint line pg obviously nothing lol....(the minger that i am) forgot to bin them...24hours later (which i do realise your not ment to read the tests) this morning i noticed them went to put them in the bin and noticed the most faintest line ever on th pg test? was gna pic take 4 u but so faint it wouldnt show! (only obvious to the wishfull eye i think lol)...i know more than likely evap lines but was fun to get excited for, for 10mins lol ...anyone know the absolute soonest u would get a pos? xx


  • Hey,

    What test was it hun and how many DPO are you? x
  • ebay cheapy, and only 4/5 i think? not getting hopes up im sure its an evap line xx

  • I would say at 4/5dpo try not to read too much into it hun. Hard as it is :\(

    Good luck xx
  • Hi hun, I tested at 4/5 DPO because I couldnt resist and got a BFN wish I hadnt now because my symptoms have disappeared and my PMA is fading.

    This is only our first month tho so I am ok if we dont get our BFP, how long have you been trying and when are you going to test?

    Think from tomorrow i will be in the 1ww due to test 21st.

    Hope you get your BFP.

    Oh by the way do you know which is the best tests to use to get a BFP, I tested with a FR early conception so I might use one of them again but when could I get a BFP with a CB??

    Sorry for gatecrashing lol x
  • lol is ok! i use cheapies when i have the erge to poas but i like cb ones, im gona test crimbo eve, iv been officially trying for 2 months xx

  • Good luck hun hope you get your XMAS PUDDING he he, me too am testing 21st cant wait am holding out tho not testing early again *slaps hand* xx
  • yeh thats me not poas anymore untill crimbo eve!! it will be so magical!! imagen if it snowed crimbo day aswell...awwwwx

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