Hi ladies
I was wondering if anyone could help i have purchased a CBFM and i have just started using it i am CD8 and i already have a peak is this normal as i think it is very early on to have a peak already.


  • I'm not sure how it works if you are passed CD5, I thought you had to wait until the next month if you were. Do you know around about when you normally OV? xx
  • i started on CD 3 so i started it right sorry i meant i was currently on CD8 and getting highs. Im not to sure but i tink its around CD 14 but it varies.
  • sorry double post

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  • Oh I see, no worries...It was my 1st month with the the monitor this month too & I normally OV around 13/14 time. I started getting highs from CD10 but maybe you OV earlier that you thought so the highs will come ealier too? I decided that we would BD on all highs & peaks on our 1st use & we managed all but one. Bd'ing can't hurtimage Good luckimage xx

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  • Yeah maybe. we are BD every other night as the OH works shifts so its a bit arkward. Anyway good luck to you hope you get your BFP very soon.
  • Hi Hunni-bee
    I seem to have shorter cycles...i had my first high at cd8 &9 then my Peak at 10 &11. I BD on cd5, 6,8,10? I found the cbfm much more accurate to use...lets hope iour cbfm will bring us all some good news? xxx
  • Hi Lianne
    I also had a high on CD 7 which i thought was very early. I can only assume i either OV very early or its the CBFM getting to know my cycle.
  • I'm using a CBFM for the first time this month too but I'm still on low (CD7) and expect to be until the middle of next week. Did you just get one high and then a peak? x
  • I am also on my first month using a CBFM! I am on cd8 (just replied to ur other post!) and had a high yesterday and this morning. we didn't bd yesterday, just too tired but have done already today! We will prob try everyday on our highs if we can but might not be bothered I a not sure!
    I will definitely bd when I get my peak though!

    off you go and get bding!!xx
  • Hi Goonie
    I have not had a peak yet i have just had 2 highs
  • Goonie, I got 3 highs, 2 peaks & a high starting from CD10 xx
  • CD9 i mean! Got highs on cd8 and cd9 image
  • CD9 i mean! Got highs on cd8 and cd9 image
  • Curls maybe I'll get highs sooner than I think then? I used to not ovulate until CD17-19 but last month was CD15 so hopefully it will happen about the same time this month!
    Good luck hunni bee x
  • Hi, I'm on my first month of using cbfm. I'm now on cd6 and got a low. According to fertility friend I have ov on cd 12, 13 and 14 so would expect to get highs in the next week.

    Good luck with it xx
  • Goonie, Janiejane and huni-bee,

    how you getting on with the CBFM today? I had another high today so that's cd8,9 and 10 I have had highs! Although think I have some EWCM today so maybe I will get a peak in the next few days? xx
  • I got a high this morning on cd8 which was a total suprise. I'm expecting alot of highs before I get my peak though. How are you doing with bding so often? x
  • I was surprised to get it so early too! I am also thinking that I might be getting highs for a while!

    We didn't actually do it cd8 but did yesterday and think we will tonight! I am sooo tired but would hate to miss anything!

    I am going away sunday for a week without OH so really need to do as much as I can before then!! Just really hoping to get my peak by then or I will be out for this month image
  • Well im still getting Highs now on CD 10 been getting highs since CD 7. I been having some stomach cramps today which i usually get when OV is round the corner. One thing i have noticed is my boobs are unusually sore for this time of month i couldn even cross my arms over them last night and they were rock hard so not sure whats goin on there.

    Anway how are you all doing today?

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  • Good luck baby_vivvy, I hope you get your peak before you have to go away!

    CD9 and another high for me today. We bd last night and I'm hoping to do it on every high and peak day if we can manage it!

    Hunni do you normally get sore boobs around ovulation? When we were ttc our son I did but this time round I don't! Strange! x
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