Ok, I admit defeat.

I am giving up trying to work out what my body is up to. I admit defeat. I dont have a clue.

I had what I thought was af on 30th May (after mc on 14th), but it was gone by 31st, apart from a bit of brown spotting on the 1st June. So now I dont think it was.

I then had lots of ewcm on 4th June. Bd that night and was really hoping to bd more and keeping my fingers crossed for some good luck. I had some brown spotting next day, and today it is bright red. Its very light but steady so its not spotting, and I dont have cramp or backache or anything. I usually have very heavy and painful af, so this is very different for me. Im now thinking that this is my first af, so what the hell was all that ewcm playing at?! :x

I just feel really low at the moment. :cry: I want to know where I am with my cycle so I can start ttc again. All this stop-start is really messing me around, and Im just p***ed off with it all and feel like giving up.


  • babybump4 really sorry to hear you are so down at the moment must be so hard not knowing what is going on. Don't give up am sure it will happen for you soon xxx
  • Firstly, sorry for your loss. Secondly, I think that the increased EWCM could be the remnants of your pregnancy hormones. Maybe this is your actual AF, and although you already BD for this month.. it's not too long until OV again!! Whatever happens, good luck and super strength sticky babba dust to you. x
  • Aw thanks for the replies and kind words! After posting my moan, I went and drowned my sorrows in half a bottle of white wine (wonderful stuff, I heartily recommend it! lol!) and today Im feeling more optimistic and have found some pma stashed under the bed which I forgot I had (dont you just love it when that happens!).

    I think this is my for-real af as Im having cramps and back ache, and its heavier today, so Im counting yesterday as cd1.

    So, onwards and upwards! Thanks again for your support, tons of luck and babydust to us all! ************** xx
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