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Hi all

Hubby and I are planning to start ttc in october, which is a while away. However I wanted to know how long before you started ttc you came off the pill? I know it can take a while for cycle to go back to normal and they advise to wait for 2-3 normal cycles before ttc. Anyway rambling now. Just wanted advice as to when. I have just finished a packet and thought about maybe coming off now? But thats maybe too soon?!

thanks in advance for your help

claire x


  • I came off and started ttc straight away but it makes it hard as my cycles are still a bit funny although between the normal 27-35 days. I would reccommend coming off before starting to try only so that you can get to know your body better. They do say that you are more fertile the first few months after you come off the pill (not me tho obv as no bfp yet) though so you may want to use condoms if you're not quite ready. Also start takng folic acid as soon as you stop the pill too. Good luck and welcome to BE xxx
  • I don't want to worry you but I would come off asap. Whilst so many people get their BFPs very quickly, I came off my pill a year ago this month and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I think once you decide the time is right for both of you just bite the bullet because there's no telling how long it can take for some people. I wish I'd have come off sooner now but noth that it would make any difference. I think it's better to be n a state of mine where you want to get pregnant rather than need to. I'm sure you will be fine but I know I wouldn't be able to wait so long til October. Wishing you the best of luck xx
  • I'm another one for recommending you come off it as soon as you can really, it's 3 months since I came off the pill and I've only OV'd once in that time (keeping my fingers crossed I OV in the next couple of days though). It allows your body to get back to normal and then you aren't stressing out about whether you are OV'ing etc. as you probably won't look out for those kinds of things straight away.

    You might be one of the lucky ones who gets a BFP straight after coming off the pill, but I wouldn't bet on it xx
  • I agree with everyone, get off it as soon as possible - i came off in october last year had 2 regular af's and now 17 days late from last one but getting bfn's, it totally messes with your system when i do have my first baby im never going back on the pill after birth, not a chance, so i have worked out now that this month cycle is at the moment 45 days and is still going lol. i think its totally natural from what i hear, but im still going to the docs next week if i have nothing.

    Hope everything goes well for you xx
  • I am in my first month of TTC and came off the pill 3 weeks ago. It will not do you any harm TTC as soon as you come off at all - it will just mess your cycles up and it may take a little longer to concieve as you may not ovulate staight away. If you come off now - you will prob be back to normal by Oct so its up to you hun xxxxx
  • thank u too you all!!! Hubby and I have both started taking post pregnancy vits so we are perpaing in that way. I have been eating very sensubly since xmas now too and incereaed my excersie. At the moment I am overweight and so that will have a huge impact on our ttc efforts. I just finished my last packet and your answers were the ones i was hoping for! We wil use extra protection for a few months until i loose more weight and then get going.

    Thank u girls. I just want us to be prepared as we can be for october x
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