ov question

Just want to know if you are not useing ov sticks, what would you be looking for to tell you are about too ov, or it as gone and passed, I have been trying to CM this month but dont seem to get any change? i may be looking for the wrong signs, is there anymore i can looking out for, I did try the Ov sticks last time i was ttc but they never showed anything at all, so give them up as a bad idea.

Thanks xx


  • Hi I use tesco ov strips but am only on month 3 ttc, the first month I convinced myself I was preg due to pulling pain in abdominal but af arrived two wks later I puzzled it must be ov sign so month
    two I used strips as soon as pulling pain came they were pos so this month did same, next month I will just look out for pulling as sign. Don't know if this helps? I also notice feeling warmer, and sorry if tmi- more interest in bedroom. Sarah x
  • i used ov tests with my first and did not get a line at all, and i was testing every day at same time, around 12.00pm, but people are different and they may work with you, i would say give them a try and good luck image

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