Does EWCM only happen when you ovulate?

I've had EWCM for the last 3 days and sharp tummy pains on one side, very localised pains. I'm on CD 80-something, can't be bothered to even count anymore! I had just the same symptoms on CD 26 and thought this was ovulation.

My question is, can you get EWCM without ovulating? Or does it always mean you are ov-ing? x


  • I've also got sore boobs and a headache, are these ov signs too?
  • Unfortunately hunni you can get it and not be ovulating. I get EWCM all the time and then when i ovulate it goes away. The only sure way to know you are ovulating is to buy a CBFM (love mine) or OPK's

  • Thanks for the info *Tink*. I've used CBD OPKs before but found it soul destroying seeing the empty circle every morning, plus with a 40-80+ day, irregular cycle I'd be spending a fortune on sticks! :roll:
  • the sore boobs and headaches mean ov for me too x
  • Have you seen your gp re your irregular cycles/long cycles? You could have PCOS hun. which makes it very hard to pinpoint ovulation.
  • Yup I'm going back to my GP next week as it's been nearly 12 weeks since my last period... I've been off the pill for 6 months so starting to think it might be PCOS. Have been bd-ing the last few days just in case this is ov though!
  • My last cycle was 84 days and i only know im ov'ing cos of ewcm. after a few days of it i usually get a +ive opk. Ive been of pill for a year now and i have been going for weekly blood tests so dr knows when i ov.
    Good luck x
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