Anyone else with a short LP?


I think i might have a shorter than normal LP (10 days).

Does anyone else have this? Just a bit worried about it and need to know if I am alone!!!

Mrs Cake xx


  • I have an 11 day LP and got my BFP in the 4th month of trying. Unless it's really short, like 8 days or less, then I don't think you have anything to worry about xx
  • Mine was 9 days last month, but I'm REALLY hoping its just because it was my first proper period after stopping the pill.

    Have you tried to do anything about it i.e. vitamin b6 etc.? Would be interested in hearing your experiences x
  • my lp is about 10 days and I got my BFP at xmas. unfortunately i m/c at 6 weeks, but goes to show i can get preg with lp of 10 days. i think unless its less than 9 days its shouldn't be a problem.
  • Sorry but what does LP stand for?
  • Sorry but what does LP stand for?
  • Hi ladies,
    Thanks for your replys. I posted in pregnancy as well and there were lots of ladies with short LP's who were happily pregnant!
    I am going to try and not worry about it now as you and they have shown it can be done.
    Yummy mummy - I've not tried anything to lengthen it yet but may try in a few months. having googled it I think there are a few things like taking B6 which work really well. Will let you know if i give it ago!

    Emilyegg - LP stands for luteal phase! This is the amount of days from when you ovulate to when your period starts. Average is 12-14 ish so 10 is a bit shorter!

  • Thanks MrsCake, am new to all of this so wasn't too sure! Good luck with everything x
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