CBFM question

I just wondered how important you think it is to BD on the high you get automatically after your 2 peaks? I usually get only one high, two peaks, then that one more automatic high so that would ideally mean we should BD for 4 days in a row. However, I know it sounds really sad but that is quite alot for us as we have a toddler and get really tired!!! Do you think it matters?


  • Hi Emma,

    I'd say that as long as you BD every other night you'll cover the bases.

    Have u watch the great sperm race on you tube...? It says that for the best quality sperm to BD every other day. So perhaps aim for your first high and second peak?
    Good luck!

  • Well all i can say is that i didn't BD on the last high and got my BFP! I think for me i OV on the first peak as always have EWCM on that day but it quickly dries up by the next. I guess if you wanted to cover all bases then you should but i'm living proof that you don't need to!
    Good luck
  • Thanks - mummaJ - I'm the same as you - well this month anyway I only had EWCM on my first peak day. I hope we have done enough this month.
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