My AF is due on Tuesday and the last couple of days I have had spotting which I usually get just before AF. Today I have had some cramos, some which were quite uncomfortable which is odd as I usually get them when AF is in full swing.

So I took a test earlier - a cheapie one which came free with some ovulation sticks - and there was a very very very faint line, kind of hold it up in the light at a certain angle and you can see it sort of line. My OH could also see it. Does this mean I am pregnant? And if I am, are the cramps a bad sign? xx

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  • You could be? I don't think they're a bad sign, I think some people get them I know I had a friend who had to go into hospital as her cramps when she was first pg were so bad they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy and she didn't even know she was pregnant! anyway, she's due to give birth in october now! There are example photos of pg tests on fertility so you could have a look and compare............
  • Thanks Lucille, Im going to look up the tests on fertility friends and see if anyone them look like mine x
  • There's also, but don't want to get you obssessed! lol

    If it was within the time limit, a line is a line. Take another test! xx
  • Thanks Mithical, Im going to test again on Monday as that will be the day before my AF is due, so will hopefully have a definitive response. Will keep you posted.. xx
  • Right I didnt wait - no surprises there - so I took another test and there is a bit more of a line today, although still very faint. Im really going to try and wait until Tuesday now which is when my AF is due for a firm, result. I was at a friends last night for dinner and I am so glad I stayed off the wine, despite her best efforts to entice me!! x
  • sounds like a bfp to me hun. may still just be a bit early but cramps are not alway bad news few of us on dec forum had cramps through to 8-9 weeks on and off. Try and relax and i'm sure you'll see a darker line on Tuesday but i'm pretty sure that its a bfp!!
    Filo x
  • Thanks Filo, I hope so, Im trying not to get my hopes up but Im so excited about having a faint line! Will update on Tuesday xx
  • I tested early (about 6 days early!) and had a very very faint line, so wasn't sure. I then did CBD (the same evening) and it was confirmed!!! I had loads of cramps on and off - I still am! - i think it is everything inside you preparing. All sounds like a bfp to me!! good luck and let us know how you get on! xxx
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