CBFM - where are my peaks?

Hi ladies

I've been using the CBFM for a few cycles now - this is my forth month.

I'm on CD23 today and still getting highs. I've very naughtily been inspecting the sticks and the bottom line doesn't seem to be getting any darker. Last month I got my first peak on CD24 and the month before on CD20. Either my cycles are getting annoyingly longer or i'm not going to OV this month. I really hope that it's not the latter, I can't face having such long cycles with no ovulation. I've also noticed that I don't have any EWCM yet so I don't think it's a case of my machine not picking my peaks up.

Just wondered if any of you ladies have had a similar experience. It's really testing my patience!



  • Hi,

    I am currently on my second month of using my CBFM but i wouldnt fret if i was you. I too, sneakily looked at the lines and i just knew the day i would get my peak BUT like you said you got one on CD24 before and you are only on CD23 at the moment. Just be greatful that you do OV sweetie and be patient. This month you could get your peak on CD24 again or a bit later.

    The high i got the day before my peak was odd because the line was SO faint even though, i know, you shouldnt really go by that so i was convinced i wouldnt be getting a peak anytime soon and then the next day it shocked me.

    If you get to CD30 without a peak then see your doc but otherwise hold on a few more days

    PS some months i get EWCM during OV, others i am dry as a bone and use pre-seed x
  • Thanks Tink. I know i'm probably just being inpatient. I've only got 6 sticks left so am gonna need that peak soon. xx
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