[color=orange]very very strange symptoms please help!!!!!!!!

Hello all, my goodness what a strange couple of days im having, constantly needing to pee and feeling very bloaty in my tummy, i have a dull low ache in tummy feels similar to AF type pain but AF has only been gone 15 days!! im confused cause i know im experiencing a mix of ? preg ? OV symptoms. Im due to ovulate around the 25th of June and me and OH have been BD'ing like crazy since AF finished on the 15th of June. Any ideas whats going on girlies??


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  • Is there any chance you are ov early as some women do experience symptoms that are similar to af or pg for their OV.
  • Sounds like OV to me! Pains usually come BEFORE you OV so today is about right if you are due to OV tomorrow. they are not strange symptoms - a lot of us have these around and after OV!
  • Theyre strange to me thanks
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