Got some symptoms but not the "important" ones

Me again!! Still obsessing!!

Well I'm on cd30 of what I assume will be a 35-38 day cycle. I've recently been feeling a bit nauseaous (thought I was gonna be sick earlier), very dizzy, constantly hungry, spotting (which has stopped), headaches, and nasal congestion. All good early pg signs, but I'm lacking what I thought is a given when pg and that is an increase in cm, for me Ive done the opposite and sort of dried up which is a sign of af isn't it?

I'm 11 dpo today and got another bfn (although for a fleeting moment I thought I saw a line but then it was gone). I used a 10miu test so surely if I'm pg it should show by now??

I'm quickly losing hope and my pma. I have a fr test remaining, kinda feel like peeing on it knowing I'll get a bfn just to get it out the house; if that makes sense. No hpt, no bfn.


  • Sorry Lambchop, I can't be of any help but wanted to send you positive vibes and good luck! x
  • Not necessarily hun, implantation can occur anywhere between 6 and 12 DPO, and since you appear to have a long luteal phase, you might implant at the later end of that scale.

    I would try to stop symptom spotting (I know it's hard!) and just wait - if not until AF is late then at least until 15DPO. And if you haven't implanted yet, you might not get the CM. The thing is, not everyone gets all the pg symptoms, so don't let that put you off.

    I don't want to get your hopes up but don't lose PMA yet, it's not over til she shows. Fingers crossed! x
  • Hi *Lambchop*

    I totally sympathise with you. I'm on CD 27 of a 34-39 day cycle and the last couple of days I have been feeling like utter crap, have a lot of similar symptoms to you most starting Tuesday after I had some spotting (pale pink CM- which is unlike my AF which is normally brown sorry if TMI), also have a cold, headaches, so tired that I spent today just trying to stay awake, haven't slept well for about a week now, sore boobs, dizzy and have been extremely moody - snapping lots (also unlike me, don't normally suffer with this). Obviously it's still early days for me but have read that some women get symptoms very early so I'm hopful and will keep my fingers crossed for us both that all these symptoms are what we want them to be. I don't know how many dpo I am as haven't used OPK's or anything like that and having irregular periods I'm not sure I can even guess - I'm not going to test until the first day of the summer hols (I'm a teacher) so 5 weeks and 2 days for me - If I can last that long and AF doesn't show up in the meantime ha ha.

    Keep us up to date on your symptoms and testing and I'll have lots of PMA for us both image.

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