Cervix Erosion?

Im due to test on Tuesday so am about 9 dpo, the last few days I have been having mild shooting pains in my stomach and today very mild period pains and backache which is unusual for me. Anyway, last night after having sex I bled alot straight afterwards, and it was bright red..

Last year I was told during a smear that I had a mild cervical erosion, so does anyone know if that can cause bleeding after sex? Also if thats what it was and I was pregnant - alot of ifs but bear with me - would the bleeding be a sign of something going wrong? How soon can you miscarry? I know I sound a bit of a drama queen, its just that the amount of blood I had scared me a bit xx


  • I am not sure on the pg front - but if you are bleeding you after BD you should definitely see the doctor. It can be sign of problems. I have never heard of erosion, but I had a biopsy there 5 years ago and it still bleeds now sometimes from the cut. It tkes about 3 years to heal, but where they were doing smears every 3mths they kept reopening the wound! It is most likely down to what you said is wrong, but a lot of blood would concern me and I would go to the docs just to be safe. The blood does sound like a normal cut blood tho xx
  • Thanks Immense, I think your right as there is no harm in me having it checked out. Even if they just say its my cervix erosion, its better to be safe than sorry..Womens bodies are complex things arent they!! xx
  • They certainly are!! I hope it is just that for you xx At least if you have it checked you know one way or the other! Fingers crossed hun xx
  • not ttc yet but had the same problem with bleeding after sex, went to the docs and they had me in for examination, cervix erosion also! Have had the problem ever since on and off. could have had it frozen or something but as they said it was to do with the pill i didnt bother, as will be coming off it next mnth to start ttc. Takes a while after pill to get back to normal though. Anyway, dont worry too much erosion does cause bleeding, and quite alot sometimes!
  • Thank you both so much for responding, glad to hear the blood that I had sounded like it would be down to my cervix erosion xx
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