I think the Old Hag is on its way

and iam really gutted,not cos shes on her way but the day i came off my last period i have been doing ov sticks cos i didnt know how long my cycles were,this was the second month of been off the pill and up to today cd24 and i havent ov' yet :cry: and ive been to the loo a few times today (sorry tmi) and when ive wiped they has been a tiny tiny bit of blood (me and oh did bd last night unless thats got something to do with it :lol: ) and i do feel a little like shes on her way, as you can tell iam just clasping at straws! i guess i will have to just wait and see how today goes,lets all shout together "keep away you evil witch"
:lol: but how important is it to test at the same time each day,does anyone know?



  • i would try and not worry too much about ov tests, there are loads of woman on here who have got their bfp without getting +on ov! it may be that you missed the peak as it could of been earlier one day!

    not over till af shows, maybe you just overdone it last night?
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