trying for number 2

hi ladies some of you may remember me from feburary when i was due with my little girl. well here i am again she is 5 months old now and me and oh want another to complete our brood. im on day 25 of 29 day cycle and hoping we have done it thou we not had alot of intimate time together. i miss being pregnant and want it so much. anyone else in my situation x x x


  • hi bev6. we are on first month of ttc our 2nd. im on 7dpo so 1 week till my lo is 19months and unfortunatly it wasnt possible for us to try before now. i have been so desperate since lo was 2 weeks old. i just loved the whole experience. especially the labour and stuff (mad i know).lol:lol:
  • My lo is 14 months, but didn't feel ready until a few months ago. Also breastfed so periods are only just back to normal. I think small age gaps work really well. Go for it and good luck! x x
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