fao cbfm girlies!!

Hey girls, have finally got myself one of these bad boys...well its been ordered just waiting for it to come!!! Its meant to be here monday...cd4....now im sure thats the last day i can set it up for this month isnt it?!? Am panicking as really want to use it this cycle, so could u please let me know the latest cd i can set it up please!!!! thankx xxxx image image


  • hey hun sorry i haven't got one (yet!) but just wondered where did you get yours from? did you get it cheap(er) anywhere? i am tempted if no luck this month
    (although am not letting myself think like that - must stay positive!)
    good luck hun xxx
  • Got it on ebay hun, brand new in the box...for ??50, how fab is that....beats paying ??100 in the shops! Get yourself one...im looking forward to a month of not having to spot 4 signs of ov, the machine tells u everything!!!! Woohoo, and goodluck, this is our month, i can feel it image xxxxxxxx
  • oooh ??50 sounds good - i'm on CD9 now so it's too late for me to get one this month and hopefully i won't need one next month image
    (but if BFN then i will get one!)

    yes you are right - this IS our month!! can't wait for july!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey woomummy and mrs _e, the last day you can set you cbfm is on day 5, so if it arrives on Monday, you can still use it this cycle....good luck ladies.

  • Hi Woomummy, I have a CBFM and it's brill. Unfortunately I am still using it image 4th cycle so hoping that it works for us really sooooonnnn. Good luck using it. The best iconm is the egg, it's so exciting and means you ahve reached your peak.
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