My parents are liars

Hi Girls,

Do you remember when you were younger and "that talk" came up. My parents told me all it takes is one time without protection and I could be pregnant.

Yeah right, a year of seeing what happens and then 4 months of proper ttc and nothing.

9 days late so took a test this morning and BFN.

Oh well. Lets see what the new year brings. Hopefully, AF soon so we can get on with it again. Ha Ha.



  • just like the info on the pill that tells you if you miss one you'll get pg. When I think of all the times we used condoms for a week coz I forgot one measly pill. Now been off pill for a year and no sticky bean!
  • It annoys the hell out of me! I used be on the injection AND use condoms when we were younger so that I didn't get pg, and would be so worried if I was sick. had poorly tummy when on the pill, if only it were that easy!

  • That's funny, I had a (rather wine-fuelled) conversation with my mother last week about this! Sh warned me within an inch of my life about being NEAR another man and I would get pregnant....... 10 months down the line, and I haven't has so much as a sniff of a BFP! The whole reason we started officially TTC was because I thought I has missed a pill, and couldn't tell from my pack whether I had or not, so we just stopped............CONVINCED I would have become pregnant. NONSENSE I tell you!

    My mother very helpfully pointed out that my dad just had to look at her and she was pregnant. Thanks mum! And then went on to ask if we were doing it properly. Ahem. That conversation stopped fairly abruptly, and we moved onto January sales for the next topic!

    Ok, I'll stop ranting now. 2010 wil be The Year image
  • MrsDoc- how funny!!! I could never have a chat like that with my Mum!!

    yup, i was lied to as well!!

    Grrrrr...i prob wont tell the truth to my little un though!!
  • Funnily enough, I will tell the same lies to my children.... you just never know!!! But seriously, I know I am lucky being able to talk to my mum like that.
  • I would love to have that relationship like that with my kids!
  • My parents lied to me as well...weirdly enough though it was true for my sister, she missed a pill when she was 17 and 9 months later my first neice was born!
    Would love to have that kind of relationship with my mum though...except for the chat about if we're BD'ing "properly" :lol: :lol:
  • i think a large part of it is people not understanding cycles properly. my mum wouldnt have a clue about ovulations etc. that's probably why they lie!

    i teach sex ed and tell the pupils about cycles and how they work etc and natural family planning, then i STRESS that they are teenagers so have irregular cycles and are at their most fertile and NFP is only any good for married women!

    remember as well that as a teenager you would be more feritle anyway, so sex once at the right time could very well lead to a bfp.
  • My mum was the same ! said she got pregnant very quickly with me and that it runs in the family .. yeah right.
  • mum is a big fat liar...and so was my school nurse. Month 4 started on Xmas Day (can you believe it, CD1 on Xmas day!!!!argh!!)
    I will not bother with contraception until I've got my 3 little angels I want! :lol:
  • I agree, my parents are liars too, although im one too as i tell my students in school its soooo easy to get pg, hate that we spend half our lives trying not to get pg and then payback comes and we wait forever.
  • I have to confess that my dd was concieved the only time I had unprotected sex!!!!!!
  • mrsdoc your mum sounds laid back abotu discussions like mine. when they got a new bathroom with a corner bath when I still lived there she asked me if me and bf (now hubby) had sex in then said 'coz me and your dad....' and I had to stop the conversation immediately!!!!!!
  • gemgems that is hysterical!!
  • :lol: Gemgems - thats hillarious! I have a pretty open relationship with my mum and if OH does any odd jobs for her around the house she will always say make sure you give him a treat tonight if you know what I mean and then wink at him :lol: It scares him :lol: :lol:

    MrsDoc - LOL at your mum asking if you are doing it properly! I had a drunken conversation with my older sister Boxing Day when she so kindly suggested that perhaps I have no eggs and would like some of hers!! I loudly announced that actually I have a CBFM and get a peak every month! image
  • Not long after hubby and I first started dating the condom split and we had to get the morning after pill. That was in the days when you had to go to hospital to get it, so I had a massive guilt trip off the doctor who prescribed it (along the lines of, you're not married, you're still at uni, guilt, guilt, guilt), and was made to feel like some sort of scarlet woman. Then the doctor suggested that just to make sure I didn't fall pregnant that I go on the pill AND STILL USE CONDOMS!!!! That put me off sex for a while I can tell you!

    What liars they all are!
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