Creamy cm after OV?

Hi ladies

Sorry for the gross question but Ive got a lot of creamy/lotiony cm. Im 3dpo and its normally dry by now! eek!

Did any of the ladies who have been pregnant have this before you got your BFP? Ive googled it (fatal I know) and it says it can be a early sign of pregnancy. I know I shouldnt be syptom spotting but I cant help it! Im probably setting myself up for a big fall! image



  • I read it can be and some of the girls have spoken about it on here, so fingers crossed it is, i have quite a lot of creamy cm since ov this month af due today but no sign so im hopeing!
  • Clarkie you def need to test!!! Beth i've read it can be an early sign so good luck and hope you get a BFP in a couple of weeks.
  • hi Beth24! i logged on to write the exact same post as u but then saw urs so didnt need to!!
    I am about 3-4dpo today- im pretty sure i ov'd on tues/wed and since then i have had a load of creamy cm quite alot that it leaves stains in my underwear (sorry if tmi!!!)
    on thurs i felt reallllly light headed and today i feel a bit weird- headachy and light headed again.
    not gonna get my hopes up yet thou as it could be anything!!!

    i have heard that creamy cm is a early sign of preg but i think its way to early to tell so gonna wait and see.

    fingers crossed for both of us- keep me updated on how ur doing!!!
  • Hiya ladies,

    Sorry to butt in but I saw this post on the front page.
    I have had creamy cm since before I found out i was pregnant and the whole way through. Never had it before so it's definately a pregnancy synptom!!
    Good luck, I hope you get a positive test soon!!!

  • i had this the other day!! i posted about it too, yes when googled it says it can be a sign, and i have been awful light headed too but not going to get my hopes up either still not testing till at least 22nd!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hiya beth, im also getting this creamy cm at the moment and have been getting it since i ov'd which im pretty sure was the 4th so im 8dpo at the moment and due on next sat.....fingers crossed its a good sign
  • Oh god Beth, this is exactly what is happening to me right now too!! I am about 8dpo and I have been ignoring it and not googling because a) I am only in my second month of ttc having just come off the pill and b) I thought I'd stay cool until my period is/was hopefully late. Now I'm all excited!! Be cool, everybody be cool!!

  • Don't want to put a dampener on things but I have got this every month after OV since I came off the pill and I am not PG yet (on CD6).
    I do hope in all your cases it is a good sign tho - lots of babydust to you all xx
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